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U.S.S. Enterprise-D (Salvaged Ship)

by Johannes Klarhauser, Staff Writer

14th April 2008

It happens all the time: an unlucky transporter accident turns the captain into a twelve-year-old, and the next thing you know, a crew of Ferengi has taken over the flagship of the mighty Federation. That's no big deal; we know that by the end of the hour the ship will be back under Picard's command, but less than one episode is all the Ferengi need to claim the U.S.S. Enterprise-D as a new addition to their Second Edition fleet.

Much like other versions of the ship (exluding Riker's U.S.S. Enterprise-D (Personal Flagship) from the future), the Ferengi-affiliation Enterprise has a cost of six and requires one Command and three Staffing icons. Command icons have always been in short supply on the more useful Ferengi personnel, which has made flying the bigger D'Kora class ships a risky business. Compared to these, the Enterprise reduces the need for Command icons by fifty percent, and should be a bit easier to keep staffed.

However, like some other cross-affiliation ships, the Enterprise comes with a drawback: while Shields and Weapons are fully functional, the engines have been disabled, and therefore the ship has a default Range of zero. At first, it may look like an incredibly useless ship; but, in fact, the Range can be boosted to numbers that most other ships can only reach by using support cards like Astrometrics Lab or Quantum Slipstream Drive: for every Ferengi-affiliation Programming personnel aboard, the Enterprise is Range +2. That means that with only two such personnel aboard, the ship is already able to move from its headquarters to a planet mission or poplular Ferengi space missions like Acquire Illicit Explosives and Kressari Rendezvous.

But why stop there? Thanks to a total of nine unique Programming personnel who can be in play at the same time, and two non-unique personnel who have the skill, the Ferengi can easily have a ship with a Range of twelve or more. Round-trips to the Gamma Quadrant have just become a lot easier. (With all those Progamming personnel about, watch out for Picking Up the Pieces!)

Finally, the Ferengi version continues the Enterprise theme of scoring extra points. This time, it's a generous ten points for completing a planet mission that requires Acquisition. As of The Undiscovered Country, there are eleven such missions, all of which can be attempted by the Ferengi. Whether you need points to fuel the “?” cards (At What Cost? and Are You Offering Me ... a Bribe?), or want to go round-the-corner for a two-mission win, the Enterprise-D might be exactly what Ferengi players have been waiting for.

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