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Smooth Like a Klingon's Forehead

by Austin Chandler, Staff Writer

23rd October 2010

We do not discuss it with outsiders. - Worf, from Trials and Tribble-ations

Worf wasn't inclined to speak about the differences between himself and his fellow Klingons in the episode Trials and Tribble-ations. Thankfully, we have the exploits of the crew of the NX Enterprise to tell us what happened.

The Klingons found Human augment embryos and, not wanting to be at a disadvantage, began an "arms race" to genetically enhance the Klingon species. The price, we now know, was a devastating plague, a sentence of decades of genetic issues among the Klingons. By the 24th Century, it became a story not told to outsiders.

Control Plague is a MEDICAL-intensive mission which might strain some Klingon decks, but is well worth it for the time location Augment Research Facility. The 22nd Century personnel and Augments are able to play natively here (along with 22nd Century equipment), and each turn, an Augment may play for free. This is, undoubtably, a strong starting point for any Klingon deck. But it only gets better.

Next we have General K'Vagh's son Marab, whose skill set helps the Klingon faction against dilemmas. Treachery and Youth are in short supply for the Klingons, and having more of SECURITY, Stellar Cartography, and Leadership is just a plus. Add to the fact that Marab plays for free to the Augment Research Facility, and you have justification for another round of bloodwine.

And to round out the Klingons, we have General K'Vagh and the I.K.C. Nguq'Yab. With General K'Vagh, we have a Klingon version of Deyos. Just download him with Defend Homeworld, and once per turn, get a card draw if you play an Augment to his location. Not as strong as Deyos, but with the ability to use that card draw for Blood Oath, it be used for a download. With the General, you complete a powerful mechanism for the Klingons to control the Alpha Quadrant with.

And what kind of Klingons would these Augments be without a tricked-out ride to fly around in? The I.K.C. Nguq'Yab gets a +1 for each Augment on board (limit +4), so the stats can go up to a reasonable 9 all around for this D-5 Class vessel. Throw down some targ rugs, a couple of paintings of Kahless, and it'll feel like Home Away From Home.

With these new Klingon cards and other Straight and Steady cards, the Klingon deck archetypes get quite a shake-up. Certainly, they'll be more than a match for an upstart organization called Starfleet from a backwards planet called Earth.


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