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November CRD Released

by Michael Keller, Second Edition Head Judge

3rd November 2010

On Wednesday, November 3, 2010, the Rules Committee issued a new Current Rulings Document (CRD) - three days behind schedule. As always, this CRD takes effect immediately. Normally, CRD updates are made on the first Monday of each month, but this CRD was delayed in order to release all documentation updates together.

The CRD is available from the link on the front page. In addition, the database has been updated and the Hi-Resolution Errata File has also been updated. This CRD contains the following changes:

Captain on the Bridge
This is now unique to prevent certain abuses that limit future card design.

Lustful Distraction
This card is now removed from the game as a cost when played from the discard pile. This will prevent situations where this card itself is essentially uncounterable because it can just be replayed if countered.

Transport Crash Survivor
The player affected is changed to align it with the rulebook.

Virtual Reality Headset
The scope of personnel that can be placed into play with this card has been shrunk to prevent certain abusable personnel from being placed in play for free. In addition, it stops the personnel placed into play to prevent that personnel from getting around Friction.

Watch List
The following issues are under consideration for potential future action, depending upon developments in the metagame or decisions on how to act. Over the coming month, the Rules Committee will be closely watching these issues to see how the community deals with them, and to determine if future action is needed.

The Second Edition Rules Committee is scheduled to release an update to the CRD on the first Monday of each month. This CRD is effective immediately.


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