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First Edition Nationals West Update

by Jeremy Commandeur

4th November 2010

First Edition Nationals West Update

Two important updates on US Nationals West happening Saturday, November 20th at 2 PM.

First, the location has moved two miles down Steven's Creek Boulevard to Round Table Pizza.  If you were planning on attending from outside the Bay Area you do not need to change your hotel reservations or driving directions.  Round Table is simply two miles down the road from Wahoos.  My apologies for the late venue change; Wahoos just announced that they are closing the Cupertion location this past week.

Round Table Pizza
4400 Steven's Creek Boulevard
San Jose, CA 95129-1104

View on Google Maps

Second, I had multiple players request updating the event to be compliant with the Chairman's Challenge in order to qualify for extra prizes.  I put out a vote to the players that had contacted me to confirm they were coming, and the Chairman's Challenge was the clear winner.

Each player attending will receive (entry is free):
One Sealed OTSD
One additional pack Alternate Universe
Two packs Q-Continuum
A Warp Pack
18 virtual cards cut and ready to use

I suggest bringing a pack of sleeves or two to sleeve your deck and virtual cards.

Please pre-register and/or email me to RSVP if you plan to attend this event.  I need to make sure I have enough packs and virtual cards counted out and ready to go.

You can pre-register here:
email me at stAuction at AOL dot com

The prize pool includes:
Multiple Continuing Committee Tournament Foils
Multiple Decipher Tournament Foils
A small army of skill pins
The highly-coveted Continuing Committee raffle tickets
An iPod Touch loaded with card images of every First Edition card ever made.
Star Trek: Of Gods and Men (if you don't know what this is, Google it)
A raft of other DVDs
A model of the JJ Enterprise with lights and authentic sounds
Multiple Trek-themed T-Shirts
A variety of booster packs and cards from a dozen different sets including
- A sealed The Motion Pictures booster pack (street value $6+)
- Pick 10 Rares - From two 800-count boxes
- Pick a card from the box of hard-to-get singles, including All Good Things, Fajo, Blaze of Glory foils, The Motion Pictures rares and more
Laser printed cut sets of Continuing Committee virtual cards

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  I hope to see you at Nationals.  Please pre-register if you plan to attend.


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