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Second Edition CRD Update

by Michael Keller, Second Edition Head Judge

5th November 2010

"How can you lose? You're supposed to be infallible!"
"Obviously, I am not."
- Dr. Pulaski and Commander Data

While The Continuing Committee and its members always strive to avoid mistakes, we're all human, and from time to time, such mistakes are inevitable. It is our responsibility, however, to own up to those mistakes when they happen, and take the necessary steps to correct them. While it may be embarrassing, it is the right thing to do for the games and the community.

The November CRD contains an erratum to Lustful Distraction that has caused some unintended side effects. We want to thank all of the members of the community that identified these negative interactions and reported them to the Rules Committee.

Because of these side effects, the Rules Committee has issued a temporary erratum for this card, effective immediately:

To play this interrupt, stop two [SF] personnel you command. When an interrupt is played, prevent that interrupt and place it in its owner's discard pile.
Order - Choose an event. The owner of that event shuffles it into his or her deck.

This erratum is in effect immediately. Update: (November 5th, 2010 - 11:00 AM EDT) All of the documentation regarding this change has been updated, including the errata file, the card list, and the CRD. Please update your copies to the latest versions.

We apologize for the mistake, and will work doubly hard on our processes and procedures to minimize the chance that this type of thing will happen again. Thank you.


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