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First Edition Rules Committee Looking For New Members

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

5th November 2010

Are you an experienced First Editiontournament director and judge? Do you enjoy debate and discussion, and are you confident in your knowledge of the First Edition rules? Then you might be one of the people we're looking for to join the First Edition Rules Committee.

In order to expand its ability to participate in public discussion, and in order to diversify the experiences of its members, the First Edition Rules Committee is looking for a new member from the community of First Edition players.

Interested applicants should:

Other strong qualities that would be beneficial to applicants:

Interested applicants should send a private message to MidnightLich with the following information:

We're looking to get through this process quickly, so interested parties should apply as soon as they are able. There is not a definite deadline for applications, and we will begin interviewing candidates as soon as we receive applications.

If you have questions, please contact MidnightLich.


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