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Nick Fancher Steps Down as First Edition Rules Master

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

21st November 2010

We are sad to announce that Nick Fancher, the current First Edition Rules Master, will be stepping down from his position effective immediately. Nick will remain at the head of the Rules Committee until we are able to find our new Rules Master.

In the past two years, Nick has found more and more demands on his time, and less and less energy to devote to his incredible workload here at The Continuing Committee. In addition to increased responsibility at his job, he's been working overtime and during the night shift, which has made it difficult to exercise his duties as the First Edition Rules Master. Meanwhile, he met and is preparing to marry his fiancee - for which they have our congratulations!

Nick has been a passionate and dedicated volunteer for First Edition within The Continuing Committee since we began fully supporting First Edition in 2008. His guidance helped to lead us to a new, stable tournament format for high-level play, two new virtual expansions, and a bright future. Nick's influence and his expertise will be missed as we move forward.

The search for a new First Edition Rules Master is currently underway, and we will announce our decision as soon as we are able. However, the Rules Committee will continue to operate and the game will be safe and healthy while we undergo this transition.


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