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Last Weekend For the PAQ & the Academy!

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

30th November 2010

The response to the (1E) Back to the PAQ and (2E) Welcome to the Academy Chairman's Challenges has been awesome! But the window is closing on these one-time challenges, and this week and weekend is your last chance to participate in one of these events!

If you haven't had a chance to play in one of these events, call up your local TD and get one scheduled for this weekend!

Those of you that have, don't forget to enter your deck lists into our Deckbuilders, and link them to your PAQ or Academy events! We'll extend the window a little bit to get everyone the chance to link their decks, but it won't go on forever! Our goal is to get you all your prizes before Christmas!

Original article:

It's been over a year and a half since we've had a worldwide Chairman's Challenge, and that's just too long of a wait. The Darkling Challenge of March 2009 was very popular, and it's time to bring that fun and excitement back. But this time, there are two challenges: one for First Edition, and another for Second Edition!

These events - the seventh and eighth, I believe - are open to all players, in all regions, that play in a tournament in the month of November 2010.

Why's it called a Chairman's Challenge? Because I, the Chairman of The Continuing Committee, must approve all of these events. And also because I'm going to issue you a challenge; if you accept, not only will you have fun, but you'll earn an extra share of the prizes. It's time to shake things up and to make you look at old cards in a new light.

First, let's talk about the challenge for Second Edition (just to be different). Here is the global challenge for Chairman's Challenge VII:

Build, play with, and win with a deck containing only Common, Starter, and Virtual Cards (plus missions).

We call this challenge "Welcome to the Academy." In an Academy deck, you can only use cards with a C-rarity, an S-rarity, or a V-rarity. You can still print anything you could normally print (errata of C- or S-rarity cards, non-unique personnel of those rarities, etc.), but you can't use any other rarities. No uncommons, no rares, no promos (D or P), and no virtual promos. Commons, Starter cards, and Virtual cards only.

And yes, this includes your dilemma pile, too. The only exception is for missions (since most are Uncommon) - you may use any mission you wish. But all of the cards in your deck and dilemma pile must have a little C, a little S, or a little V down in the collector's information.

This is an incredibly fun format, and you'll be surprised what kinds of decks you'll build and how much fun you'll have. If you want to make it extra fun, schedule an "Academy" tournament, and ask everyone to bring an Academy deck! (Of course, this is not required.)

Now, before we talk about the prizes up for grabs, let's talk about the First Edition challenge! We've gone with a different challenge for a few reasons, but if you're really brave, you can try to combine the two! Here is the global challenge for Chairman's Challenge VIII:

Build, play with, and win with a deck containing only Virtual cards or cards from Premiere, Alternate Universe, Q Continuum, and the Official Tournament Sealed Deck.

Well, that's a mouthful, isn't it? I like to call this challenge "Back to the PAQ." I think PAQ (pronounced like pack) is a great way to refer to cards from the Premiere - AU - QC era, and thus it makes a great name for this challenge.

Like the Second Edition version, this is a challenge that invites you to limit the cards you can include in your deck. In this case, it applies to each and every card in your deck: missions, dilemmas, seed cards, and cards in your draw deck. Each one must be from one of the four listed physical expansions, or from one of our virtual expansions or one of our printable virtual promos.

For this challenge, you can print any virtual card or any card from the errata file, as long as it originally appeared in Premiere, Alternate Universe, Q Continuum, or the Official Tournament Sealed Deck. It's time to dig out some binder fodder, or order up a case of OTSDs and run a sealed event!

Now that you have both challenges in front of you, let's talk about the prizes and how you can win them! Every player that plays an eligible deck in a sanctioned tournament (First Edition or Second Edition) in November 2010, and that posts their deck list for that event, will be entered into the global random drawing for one of the ten (10) participation prizes:

First EditionSecond Edition
One (1) random Series A virtual promo foil +
one (1) random tournament foil
One (1) random Series V virtual promo foil +
one (1) 0D10 •Feldomite Rush (Foil)

Likewise, anyone that wins such a tournament (and doesn't forget to post their deck list) will be entered into the global random drawing for one of the five (5) first place prizes:

First EditionSecond Edition
One (1) random Series A virtual promo foil +
one (1) Plasma Torpedo FOIL +
one (1) Soong-type Android FOIL
One (1) random Series V virtual promo foil +
one (1) 0D9 •Explore Black Cluster (Foil)

Finally, two random participants (one for each challenge) will be selected to win the grand prizes:

First EditionSecond Edition
A full set of FOIL Damage Markers +
a full set of FOIL Series A virtual promos +
any* three (3) tournament promo foils
One (1) 0D10 •Feldomite Rush (Foil) +
one (1) 0D9 •Explore Black Cluster (Foil) +
one (1) 0P77 •Investigate Alien Probe foil
* Subject to availability.

When all is said and done, up to thirty-two (32) different people will have won a prize, sent free of charge, just for accepting one of these two challenges and playing in an event! That's all you have to do to become one of the next Chairman's Challenge champions! Just ask yourself: Are you prepared to accept these challenges? Can you limit yourself to a strict subset of cards? What kind of innovation will we see when you must build decks with limited card pools? Only time will tell... good luck!


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