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Error Corrected in December 1E CRD

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

6th December 2010

After our last CRD update, it was mentioned to the Rules Committee that the ruling about special downloads during the seed phase had been changed. The members of the Rules Committee were all confused as to why people thought this, because they hadn't intended to make a change.

But it turns out that something was inadvertently changed when the document was converted into a new format. The word "not" was changed to "now" and that unintentionally altered a ruling that had long been established as fact.

This was a mistake, and has been corrected in this minor rules update. To be perfectly clear: you can use any and all special downloads on your cards during the seed phase. This is legal and it's fine.

We appreciate your patience, and we are grateful to those are you that caught this unintentional mistake.

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