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Vote for your new Diversity flavour

by Chris Lobban, Chief Programmer

10th December 2010

We've had some great suggestions for new themes, so now is your chance to vote on which of them will appear next. And one thing I can say from reviewing the suggestions... people certainly seem to like DS9! Or maybe it's just because it had the most diverse group of affiliations, so there's a lot more combinations to work with there. Below I've chosen some of the ideas that I think would work out best, for you to vote on. I've also listed some of the suggestions that I don't think would really work, along with reasons why I excluded those (to keep in mind for next time).

First, what didn't really work:

Okay, those are the ones that didn't really work. Now, the candidates that you get to vote for!

There you have it! Get your votes in now, and go to the discussion thread to talk about your favourites. I'll also be posting periodic updates there of the voting status, so you can come back and change your vote if it's clear your favourite won't win, so you can at least help make sure your second-favourite does. Voting will close on Dec 31st.

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