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Attributes and Skills

by Thomas Schneider, European OP Coordinator

20th December 2010

Our friend Harry starts to look more and more like a real Star Trek card. Parts of the gametext box are already filled and now it is time to fill the rest.

Starting from today you can vote on skills and attributes. Voting for attributes is straightforward. We offer some reasonable values for all three attributes and your choice will immediately be put on the final card. Skills are a bit more tricky, since the number of skills will influence the cost (for Second Edition) and the space available for lore (both Editions). So we will do a two step process. Below you find a list of all reasonable skills (Sorry, no Barbering despite his mustache). You can vote either "Yes, this is a skill that Harry Mudd should have" or "No way that Harry has this skill". Based on the votes we will prepare multiple cards with a different number of skills (Top 2 skills, Top 4 skills...) and thus different costs and different available spaces for lore. Based on these cards you can then do the final decision.

If you have questions about the process or want to argue why a skill should be on the card, head over to the Will of the Collective III Message Board

As usual, if you do not have an opinion on a particular question, you can leave the answer blank (just leave it at "Select Answer") Voting will stay open 'til Friday, December the 31st, 8AM EDT.

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