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Allen Gould Appointed First Edition Rules Master

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

24th December 2010

After a long search, The Continuing Committee is proud to announce the appointment of Allen Gould (AllenGould) as the new First Edition Rules Master, effective immediately.

We asked Allen to provide a brief paragraph explaining his history with First Edition:

Oh boy, a brief paragraph?

Been playing since '95, online since about the same time. Along the way I've been the backup writer for Wesley's COTD, ran the first ST:CCG card database (and then did Tribblenomicon a few years later), did some playtesting, a ton of article writing (either solo or with my lovely wife), and probably a few other projects I'm forgetting. As an Ambassador, I've run the majority of 1E tournaments in Edmonton over the years (ranging from regionals to a fifteen hour all-nighter spanning five formats). Never won any major events, but I'm happy to be the guy that major-event playing people check with to see if their deck works.

Allen has been hard at work behind the scenes as an active member of the Rules Committee and spearheading our efforts to return the cards on the OTF Ban List to the game - something he will continue as the new Rules Master. We're excited to see what Allen can do at the helm, and hope to have more information for you soon on our plans for First Edition in 2011 and beyond.

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