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Second Edition CRD Update

by 2E Rules Liaison

3rd January 2011

On Monday, January 3rd, 2010, the Rules Committee issued a new Current Rulings Document (CRD). As always, this CRD takes effect immediately. CRD updates are made on the first Monday of each month.

The CRD is available from the link on the front page. This CRD contains just one clarification:

cannot / may not -
Game text which specifically forbids an action cannot be overridden except by game text which specified what forbidding text is being overridden.

This ruling clarifies the timing on issues regarding cards that permit and override actions, as discussed in this forum thread.

Watch List
The following issues are under consideration for potential future action, depending upon developments in the metagame or decisions on how to act. Over the coming month, the Rules Committee will be closely watching these issues to see how the community deals with them, and to determine if future action is needed. (No changes since last month.)

The Second Edition Rules Committee is scheduled to release an update to the CRD on the first Monday of each month. This CRD is effective immediately.

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