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Will of the Collective: More Decisions!

by Thomas Schneider, European OP Coordinator

7th January 2011

Currently we are preparing different version of the Harry Mudd cards for your final gameplay vote. In the meantime we have more questions for you. Some of them are obvious: So far we have not spoken about a staffing icon, so we are taking care of this now. Also, the First Edition card is still missing a classification and so you can also answer this question today.

The third question is not so obvious. When we first meet Harry in Mudd's Women, he was commanding a small starship. Even if the ship was destroyed after only a few minutes one could argue that the Harry Mudd card should name him as the matching commander of this ship. And since this is Will of the Collective we hand over this discussion to the Community. So question number three is: "Should Harry Mudd's ship be mentioned on the card?"

If you want to discuss the ship issue or any other thing or you have any questions about the process, head over to the Will of the Collective III Message Board.

As usual, if you do not have an opinion on a particular question, you can leave the answer blank (just leave it at "Select Answer") Voting will stay open 'til Wednesday, January the 19th, 8AM EDT.

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