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What Brad Would See: Extreme Measures Edition

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

10th January 2011

Extreme Measures, the eighth Virtual Expansion from The Continuing Committee, is about to be released. Extreme Measures is an expansion full of risks and rewards, stunning visuals, and some incredibly new and innovative cards.

Spoiler images and articles are just around the corner. But we've established a bit of a tradition around here when Brad looks through the file and gives you a list of what he sees. Well, even though Brad isn't an official part of our design process anymore, that doesn't mean we should abandon tradition! So, without further delay, the design team presents to you the list of things that Brad would see in Extreme Measures (in no particular order):

As we roll out more and more information about Extreme Measures, take a look and see if you see what Brad would see!

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