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Extreme Measures Is Imminent!

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

17th January 2011

In 2004, with much fanfare and anticipation, Necessary Evil arrive and changed the Second Edition game forever. Featuring incentives to use events, ways to score bonus points and incentives to use them, the fourth 2E expansion still rates as one of the most celebrated and infamous expansions of all time.

Seven years later, The Continuing Committee is proud to bring you Extreme Measures. This fifty-four (54) card virtual expansion is truly the spiritual successor to Decipher's Necessary Evil, returning to the "5 points" theme of 2004, but without the short print run. All you'll need to enjoy Extreme Measures is some paper, some ink, and a little patience.

TCC is proud to announce that Extreme Measures will be released world-wide on www.trekcc.org on Friday, February 4th, 2011. As always, Extreme Measures will be legal in all sanctioned Second Edition tournaments one week later, starting Friday, February 11th, 2011.

Take your decks to the extreme with the risks and rewards found in Extreme Measures, the eight Second Edition Virtual Expansion from The Continuing Committee. The fifty-four (54) virtual cards contained within provide a new team for the Bajorans featuring the men and women of the Resistance. New tools for Deep Space Nine, Ferengi, and many more affiliations will help players across the world to find new ways to score points and even more ways to lose them in this expansion spiritually reminiscent of Necessary Evil. How far will you go when exploring the ins and outs of Extreme Measures?

Stay tuned over the next three weeks for regular spoilers, articles, and lots and lots of discussion. For extra spoilers, don't forget to check out the Designer Q&A thread on our forums, the Section 31 podcast, and John "KillerB" Corbett's blog. Finally, if you get the chance, stop by the chat room from time to time and you might find even more spoilers and information!

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