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Changes to Regions for 2011

by James Hoskin, Director of Organized Play

18th January 2011

The first change to Organized Play resulting from last year's review, is that we are splitting two regions, and renaming another. Details on how to suggest names for these new Regions can be found at the bottom of this page.

Xindus Region (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba)
In response to player requests, this Region shall hereby be known as "Rura Penthe."

Deep Space 9 Region (North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wisconson, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa)

This Region, comprising seven states, has many active playgroups. In an effort to give players a better chance to participate at events within their Region, it is being split in two:

DS9-A (light blue): Illinois, Iowa and Wisonsin
DS9-B (orange): Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota

Nekrit Expanse Region (Australia, New Zealand, Oceania)

This Region, comprising multiple countries, only sees any play in Australia. Therefore, we are splitting Australia into three Regions, and moving the other countries into the Neutral Zone Region.

Nekrit-A (brown): South Australia and Western Australia
Nekrit-B (dark blue): Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria.
Nekrit-C (green): Northern Territory and Queensland

How to Suggest Names

These new Region names are just placeholders. We would like you to suggest final names for them. When making suggestions, please keep in the mind the following:

To suggest names for DS9-A and DS9-B, please send a private message with your suggestions to the North American Organized Play Coordinator: David Kuck (ikeya).

To suggest names for Nekrit-A, Nekrit-B and Nekrit-C, please send a private message with your suggestions to the Australian Organized Play Coordinator: Matthyas Kiraly (stoovie).

Suggestions will be accepted up until the end of January. Players within each new Region will then have the opportunity to vote on their new Region name.

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