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WotC III: Final Gameplay Vote!

by Thomas Schneider, European OP Coordinator

21st January 2011

Based on your previous votes our art department has created multiple versions of Harry Mudd. You can now decide which of them will become the final Will of the Collective III card!

Below you find four versions for First and Second Edition that differ in the number of skills. The cards have thus different space available for lore and (in case of Second Edition) different costs. Also since their were some ties for the skill votes the last two versions of each edition differ by one skill. So take a look at the cards and choose the one you like the most!

First Edition:

Option 1: Option 2:

Option 3: Option 4:

Second Edition:

Option 1: Option 2:

Option 3: Option 4:

As soon as this vote is closed, the gameplay part of Will of the Collective III has come to an end and the winner cards will be send to the playtesters. During the testing, you will write a lore and decide on an image for Harry. And we will use the time to figure out what the name of Harry's ship is...

If you want to discuss the different cards or you have any questions about the process, head over to the Will of the Collective III Message Board.

As usual, if you do not have an opinion on a particular question, you can leave the answer blank (just leave it at "Select Answer") Voting will stay open 'til Wednesday, February the 2nd, 8AM EDT.

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