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TUC Contest #1: The Results!

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

18th April 2008

Last week, we asked you to send in your guessed for the image that might appear on the card titled What You Leave Behind, continuing the tradition started in In a Mirror, Darkly. We want to thank you for your responses! Nobody was able to correctly guess that Samuel Clemens' Pocketwatch was the correct answer! (At least... nobody that was eligible to win! Nice try, play testers!)

Since no one guessed correctly, we've selected a random winner from all of the entries. Brian Gondek has been selected as the winner, and will be getting a shiny Tragic Turn foil in the mail very soon! I wanted to share some of the guesses with you, since some of them were pretty good!

"The image, I think , is from the end of TWOK where kirk is gazing out at the viewscreen thinking of Spock. The image is from behind with Kirk in silhouette." - Francic Koziolek

Richard New thought that "...the card has one of the Dax's. If I had to guess one, I might have to go with Ezri." Meanwhile, Lee Clark thought that the card might feature Dr. Bashir's favorite teddy bear, Kukalaka.

Johnny Holeva said his "guess for the WYLB card is Kira and Jake looking outside the Promenade window together at the end of the “WYLB” episode." Maxime De Sabrais was driven a little batty with our clue, and picked out the words 'Trill' and 'Host' in the anagram, guessing "...a picture of the Trill transplant from Curzon to Jadzia."

Our lucky winner, Brian Gondak, said "A picture of Captain Kirk from the end of "And the Children Shall Lead" as he orders the Enterprise to a nearby starbase, oblivious to the fact that he left two red shirts back on the planet."

William Weist guessed "Hovath with Dal'Rok in background." And since we didn't specify one guess per person, he submitted a second idea: "Captain Benjamin Sisko looking at himself as Benny Russell in a window reflection at the end of "Far Beyond the Stars"." Nice try, but in the future - one guess per person!

Thank you for participating in this contest. We hope you'll check back next week for Contest #2!

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