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GenCon 2011 Rooming Block

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

2nd February 2011

The Continuing Committee has secured over a dozen rooms in the Omni Hotel in downtown Indianapolis for GenCon 2011 lodging. This means that we can pack almost fifty Star Trek players into the same hotel, providing a fun and exciting experience unlike any GenCon past!

The hotel we'll be staying in is the Omni Severin Hotel in downtown Indianapolis. This is a high quality hotel that has been used by members of our community in the past, and we've secured our block of rooms and an incredible rate.

Take a look at the amazing deal's we've secured for this room block:

OccupancyPrice Per Occupant (USD)Price Per Room (USD)Total Room Price
2 People$80.50/night$161/night$644 ($322 each)
3 People$57/night$171/night$684 ($228 each)
4 People$45.25/night$181/night$724 ($181 each)

Right now, we are accepting "reservations" for spaces in our block of hotel rooms. This means that you do not need to pay at this time. However, please do not reserve a room or a space in a room if you do not intend on attending GenCon 2010. You will need to pay for your rooms in March or April 2011. We will work with you to accept a variety of forms of payment.

To reserve a room in our GenCon block, or a space in a room, please email the following information to cplaine@gmail.com, with a subject of GenCon Room Request:

The prices quoted above are for the room only. There will be hotel tax (approximately 6%), and parking carries an additional fee. High speed Internet is available at an additional charge, however we are working on securing a special arrangement for Internet access.

Why should you room in the TrekCC block? Well, in addition to the high quality hotel and a great price, you'll be staying in a convenient location. You'll be surrounded by Star Trek fans and players, with access to practice games, pick-up games, and more! We'll be running special contests and promotions in the hotel and you'll have the opportunities to win special prizes!

The initial deadline for reserving a room (remember, payment is not required at this time) is Sunday, February 20th, 2011. More information on GenCon packages and more information on these rooming arrangements will be forthcoming, but get your foot in the door early and reserve a room today!

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