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Extreme Measures is Here!

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

4th February 2011

The eighth full Second Edition virtual expansion from The Continuing Committee is now available for download.

Take your decks to the extreme with the risks and rewards found in Extreme Measures, the eight Second Edition Virtual Expansion from The Continuing Committee. The fifty-four (54) virtual cards contained within provide a new team for the Bajorans featuring the men and women of the Resistance. New tools for Deep Space Nine, Ferengi, and many more affiliations will help players across the world to find new ways to score points and even more ways to lose them in this expansion spiritually reminiscent of Necessary Evil. How far will you go when exploring the ins and outs of Extreme Measures?

Enjoy downloading, printing, cutting and assembling your virtual cards! Take part in one of our many release tournaments taking place over the next three weekends! And don't forget to support the Continuing Committee and all the hard working designers, artists, testers and volunteers that work to bring you these high-quality expansions! Donate now and get the exclusive Extreme Measures Donor badge!

No matter what, enjoy the release day!

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