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Virtual Starters Updated

by Torbj├Ârn Lindquist, Freelance Writer

28th March 2011

After 8 months with the same version of the Virtual Starters, they have now been updated to accommodate for the cards released in Peak Performance and Extreme Measures as well as a few virtual promos. In adition, all cards from that are not printable from other reasons than the Errata file has been removed from the decks, save one. For the Cause has been added to the Maquis deck, since it is such an integral card.

The goal of the starters is to introduce many different aspects of the game, and give new players a taste of what the game has to offer. Therefore, all headquarters got a starter, and for Caretaker's Array, there is an Equinox starter (there are not yet enough personnel to do a good Voyager starter, without using a high percentage of non-aligned personnel).

Most decks are mainly trying to solve missions the easy way, with the flavor of its affiliation. Some of the decks are a bit special though. The Klingon deck and the Dominion deck introduces engagements, while the Bajoran deck introduces combat and hand weapons. The Cardassian starter touches on the subject of captives and the Equinox deck has of course no HQ, and so is special on its own.

The virtual starters are a good way to introduce new players to the game -- just print one and give it away. Or, if you are a new player yourself, just choose your favorite Star Trek group and print the deck. After your first few games, you can start customizing your deck.

Instructions on how to print the starters are included in each starter

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