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Spotlight Contest: Criss-Crossed Bajorans

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

19th April 2008

Note from the Chairman: My apologies for this being posted almost a week late. We will be more punctual for the duration of the spotlight series.

How well do you know the Bajoran cards in Second Edition? Put your knowledge to the test and see if you can win a Tragic Turn foil in a good old fashioned crossword puzzle!

First things first, you'll need to download the puzzle here. (Or you can click on the small version that appears here.) Once you have the crossword, you'll need the clues:

7 Wormhole Temple1 Non-Unique General
8 Resistance Lover2 Bajoran Keyword
9 Resistance Fighter3 Spirit
11 For the ______4 ____ of the Prophets
13 Favorite Attribute5 Impassioned Major
14 Days of ______6 Esteemed Vedek
16 Husband and Father10 Union Member
17 •Honor •Law •Leadership •Navigation •2 Programming •2 Security12 Second Favorite Attribute
18 15 Points (If you Win!)15 Dabo Girl Writer
23 Dukat's Secret Allies19 Assassin
26 Kira's Home Province20 Bajoran Security Officer
28 Becomes Bareil (Or Opaka, Or Sisko...)21 Stubborn Old Man
29 Island Pilot (In another life)22 14 R 47
30 Kai24 Destined ____ ____ (Or Not?)
25 Event Protector
27 Resistance Fighter

Now you just fill in the answers, based on the clues, in the correct spaces. When you're done, everything should fit nicely. To enter, you'll need to type in your answers with the corresponding numbers and send them in an email to contests@trekcc.org, along with your real name and your email address.

Your entry might look like this:

Charlie Plaine

1) Answer #1
2) Answer #2

Your entries must be received at contests@trekcc.org before MIDNIGHT (server time) on SATURDAY, APRIL 27TH. Please, only one entry per person. The first participant to send a completely correct answer will receive a Tragic Turn foil, as well as a random participant.

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