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New Region Names

by James Hoskin, Director of Organized Play

1st March 2011

Six weeks ago, we announced that the regions of Deep Space 9 (Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconson) and Nekrit Expanse (Australia, New Zealand and Oceania) were being reorganized and/or split up. After asking the community for suggestions and then having a vote on those suggestions, we are now able to announce the names for these new regions.

Map showing the new Regions in DS9

Players in the American states of Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota (orange) now form the Andoria region.

Players in the American states of Illinois, Iowa and Wisonsin (light blue) have chosen to keep the Deep Space 9 name for their region.

Map showing the new Regions in Nekrit Expanse

Players in the Australian states of South Australia and Western Australia (brown) now form the Deep Space Station K-7 region.

Players in the Australian states of Northern Territory and Queensland (green) now form the Briar Patch region.

Players in the Australian states of Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria (dark blue) now form the Kazon Collective region

Thanks to everyone who participated in this naming process! If you want to know which region you are in, please see the Region HQ. If you want to set your region in your tournament profile, please locate yourself on the map when Updating your Tournament Profile. If you want to display your region when posting in the forums, update your forum profile in the User Control Panel.

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