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Australian Continentals Back in Sydney in 2011!

by Matthyas Kiraly, Australian OP Coordinator

21st March 2011

This year's line-up has to be seen to be believed! For the first time ever, 2011 will see a total of three Continental Championships over the course of the best five days of Australian Star Trek CCG gaming ever, and all back in Sydney, New South Wales.

Wednesday the 29th of June to Sunday the 3rd of July 2011.

2011 Australian First Edition Continental Championships
2011 Australian Second Edition Continental Championships
2011 Australian Tribbles CCG Continental Championships


Don't forget, there will also be the Second Edition National Championships, which will award extra byes into the Continental Championships, and an array of other events, including the ever-popular Australian Biermeister Nationals, which this year will be a new and exciting special format and include the largest number of special Biermeister promos ever seen at the event!


Coverage for the 2011 AC will begin in May with preview articles, a Dream Team competition and more. Together with "live" coverage over the weekend and post-AC reports and reviews, there is a lot to look forward to this Australia Continentals season! Any questions, suggestions or comments, please feel free to message me.

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