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2011 North American Continental Championships

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

22nd March 2011

The Continuing Committee is proud to announce that we have accepted the bid from the San Diego, California play group and that they will be hosting the 2011 North American Continental Championships from July 14 through 17, 2001.

The San Diego group, coordinated by Dan Hamman, did an excellent job in preparing their bid and made a compelling argument for their city to host this year's Continental Championships. The entire west coast has been neglected in the past, and features player groups growing at an astounding rate. It's only fitting that we host this event in a new area of the country, and expose those new players to the fun and excitement of high-level play.

The Championships will take place between Friday, July 15 and Sunday, July 17, 2011. This is the weekend before the famous San Diego Comic Con, opening up the possibility for players to make an extended vacation and participate in both events.

More details and full scheduling information will be available soon, but we're locking in this location and this weekend. Put in for your vacation time, start shopping for flights and hotels, because this weekend of competition is coming soon!

Venue location:

Tiburon Carlsbad Homeowner's Association Clubhouse
3115 Avenida de Anita
Carlsbad, CA 92010

Congratulations to the players of San Diego on their successful bid! We can't wait to see your city and the competition you'll bring to the 2011 North American Continental Championships.

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