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WotC3: More Decisions (And Some Images!)

by Thomas Schneider, European OP Coordinator

28th March 2011

Ladies and Gentleman, here are the winning images:

First Edition Second Edition

While playtesting is continuing, we are now asking your decisons and suggestions to fill the last gaps on the cards. For Second Edition you can decide on the subtitle. For both editions you can suggest a lore and vote on the name of the HarryShip. First Edition voters will have an additional candidate in this vote, since as you have pointed out, the 1E incarnation of the HarrySHip could be a universal ship.

Please keep in mind that the lore has to fit on the card and (for First Edition) need to include the name of the HarryShip as well as the words smuggler and thief.

As usual, if you want to share your opinion, discuss your ideas, or have any questions about the process, head over to the Will of the Collective III Message Board.

If you do not have an opinion on a particular question, you can leave the answer blank (just leave it at "Select Answer"). Voting will stay open 'til Wednesday, April the 6th, 8AM EDT.

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