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The Alpha and The Omega

by Stephen Lee, Staff Writer

31st March 2011

"I am the beginning, the end, the one who is many. I am the Borg." -- First Contact

It's not easy being queen, even to a pseudo-race of cybernetic organisms. The new virtual expansion, Shades of Gray, brings a significant upgrade in the form of a new Borg Queen. This queen is similar to her predecessors with the same attributes (6-12-6) and the same select-any-skill ability, but that is where the similarities end.

This Borg Queen has the additional skills of Leadership and Treachery, making her more akin to her Second Edition personae. But the significant upgrade is in her ability to download We Are The Borg twice per game. We Are The Borg was released in the Enhanced First Contact expansion and was designed to give the Borg affiliation a probe-friendly draw and play engine.

We Are The Borg can be used one of three ways. First is the download function: Download two Defense drones and discard. Simple. The second and third functions report a free Borg personnel OR make an additional end-of-turn draw. Having two We Are The Borgs on table (one for each function) in the early game will greatly increase your chance of completing all your objectives. (Note: since We Are The Borg is not cumulative, it may not be legal to both make a free play and draw a card.)



If you read my last article and acquired cards from Voyager and The Borg expansions, you should have most of the ingredients needed to build the Revised format Delta Quadrant Harness Particle 010 deck below. Complete Harness Particle 010 and Assimilate Planet for the two-objective win.


Print DecklistCopy Deck

This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:

Mission (6)
78 U1x Acquire Technology
3 S 831x Battle Reconnaissance
10 U 471x Collect Omicron Particles
87 U1x Expose Plot
92 U1x Liberation
45 U1x Study Protonebula

Seed Deck (30)
1 R2x Ankari "Spirits"
2 V2x Chula: The Chandra
5 V1x Dead End
7 V2x Friendly Fire
10 S1x Gravimetric Distortion
11 R2x Hanonian Land Eel
3 U1x Invasive Procedures
17 S1x Lack of Preparation
9 V1x Maglock
6 U1x Sabotaged Negotiations
23 C2x Spatial Rift
25 R1x The Cloud
7 U1x The Clown: Beneath the Mask
22 VP1x The Clown: Bitter Medicine
9 R1x The Weak Will Perish
1 V1x Q's Tent
34 VP1x Space-Time Portal
P1x Spacedoor
51 U1x Mission Debriefing
20 V1x Unicomplex
18 V1x Q the Referee
P1x Service the Collective
2 VP1x Tribunal of Q
46 C1x Establish Gateway
P1x Eleven of Seventeen

Draw Deck (30)
P1x We Are the Borg
6 VP2x Handshake
30 R2x Resistance Is Futile
32 C1x Adapt: Negate Obstruction
73 C1x Nanoprobe Resuscitation
42 C1x Assimilate Planet
47 R1x Harness Particle 010
R2x Borg Queen
32 V2x Borg Queen (Shades of Gray)
P1x Dukat of Borg
52 C1x Eight of Fifteen
3 S 1241x Eleven of Ninety
54 C1x Eleven of Twelve
57 R+1x Four of Nine
58 C1x Nine of Fifteen
60 R+1x Second
61 R+1x Seven of Nine (The Borg)
62 C1x Seventeen of Eighteen
4 U 1151x Six of Ninety-Six
63 C2x Six of Twelve
64 R+1x Third and Fourth
65 R+1x Three of Nine
12 R 471x Three of Nine (Tactician Drone)
66 R+1x Two of Nine
67 C1x Two of Twelve

Q-Tent Side Deck (13)
C1x Alternate Universe Door
11 U1x Borg Data Node
12 U1x Borg Nanoprobes
13 C1x Borg Vinculum
16 U1x Maturation Chamber
21 U1x Omega Particle
P1x We Are the Borg
C1x A Change of Plans
32 C1x Adapt: Negate Obstruction
110 U1x Divert Power
45 U1x Eliminate Starship
55 R+1x Fifth
123 R1x Borg Tactical Cube

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