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The Trial Never Ended

by Dan Hamman, Tribble Breeder

1st April 2011

Happy Tribbles Day!

Today the Continuing Committee is pleased to announce the third virtual expansion for the Tribbles Customizable Card Game: Trials and Tribble-ations!

This 18-card virtual expansion contains four new Tribble powers: Avalanche, Stampede, Famine, and Timewarp. The remainder of the tribbles are familiar powers in new denominations (Safety and Freeze) and, like its namesake episode, flashbacks to cards in the 1E expansion, The Trouble With Tribbles. Now anyone can make almost any tribble deck! All the reprints have new images collected by our outstanding art team. They are amazing to behold!

The new powers of Avalanche, Stampede, and Timewarp will make rounds go faster by letting players get rid of cards from hand. Famine will reset the tribble count, robbing the opponents of the opportunity to play a high-value tribble! But remember, every tribble can be played without activating its power if that makes for a better strategic choice. Don't start a tribble avalanche if someone else only has one tribble in hand!

The tribbles in Trials and Tribble-ations are all legal beginning on April 8th. That means they are legal in all Tribbles Regionals! If you ever wanted to play a Bonus, Poison, Discard, or Rescue deck, now you can. Just watch out for Kill, Antidote, Toxin, and Recycle!

Do you want to play Tribbles CCG but are too far away from a group of friends? Thanks to the awesome work of Scox and Nava, now you can: Tribbles has an official Lackey plugin! Use this update.txt file. It is still in beta, but look forward to seeing an installation guide, user guide and an online tribbles tournament coming soon!

Here's the link for Trials and Tribble-ations, and don't forget No Tribble At All and More Tribbles, More Troubles.
Happy breeding!

Please note - as with No Tribble At All and More Tribbles, More Troubles - these cards are not to be used in First Edition games. No padding your Storage Compartment with these tribbles!

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