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The Road to Worlds 2012, Week 2

by James Hoskin, Director of Organized Play

5th April 2012

This is a weekly series that aims to preview upcoming Regional tournaments, review Regional tournaments that have just taken place, highlight winning decks, interview players, and more. Last week's article was The Road to Worlds 2012, Week 1.

How can you contribute to this series? First and foremost, I am relying on results and deck lists being promptly entered into this site. I can't write about them otherwise. Other ways you can help include: taking photos, interviewing players, writing previews, and providing background information. Any other way to help the community be a part of your Regional tournament would be appreciated, too. Contact details are at the end of this article.

Week 1 Review

Saturday 31st MarchSunday 1st April
Tribbles (Standard)
Franz-Josefs-Kai 29
A-1010 Vienna
First Edition (OTF)
Roxanne's Place
1206 Duthie Avenue
Burnaby, BC V5A 2R5
Tribbles (Standard)
Roxanne's Place
1206 Duthie Avenue
Burnaby, BC V5A 2R5

Jazzland: The first Regional Championship of 2012 saw eight players participate in Vienna, Austria. The first heat was convincingly won by Andreas Kauhtz (BigVanVader) with 638,386 Tribbles - almost three times as many as runner-up Michael Albrecht (Ein Gast...). The second heat was much tighter, with less than 200,000 Tribbles between first and last place. Martin Felber (Enabran) qualified for the top table, with 316,883 Tribbles; just ahead of Julius Melhardt (Clerasil ToB), with 223,224 Tribbles. The winners of both heats obviously peaked a little early, as it was the second place finishers who came out on top in the final. Julius blasted all of his opposition away by scoring 1,084,657 Tribbles with his Copy/Go/Replay deck titled "Copy my Replay Regional...or Replay my Copy Regional ???". Of the decks entered at the time of writing, the most popular Tribble power was Rescue. Six deck lists can be found on the tournament results page.

Statistics from Jazzland:

Total achievements awarded18
Most achievements wonJulius Melhardt (Clerasil ToB), with 6
Average achievements per player2.3
Total Tribbles Scored2,368,417
Average Tribbles scored by all 8 players296,052

WinnerJames' PredictionKris' PredictionWill's Prediction
Julius MelhardtMichael AlbrechtMichael AlbrechtPeter Machovits

Roxanne's Place (First Edition): Six players took part in the inaugural First Edition Regional Championship to be held in Burnaby, Canada. Kenneth Tufts (Worf Son of Mogh), playing a [Baj] Bajoran espionage deck titled "Bajoran drink up and have a party with friends", was undefeated over four rounds and saw his rating rise to 1801 as a result. It would appear that his secret weapon was Time Travel Pod, causing an opponent's ship - and most of that opponent's personnel - to disappear for five turns. Barbara Copp (Sakura) took second place, having only lost to Ken, with a [Voy] Voyager deck titled "Dumping in the DQ". [Car] Cardassians were the most popular affiliation, appearing in half of the decks. Six deck lists and four tournament reports can be found on the tournament results page, and an interview with Ken is below.

Statistics from Roxanne's Place:

Total achievements awarded11
Most achievements wonBarbara Copp (Sakura), with 5
Average achievements per player1.8
Biggest ratings gainBarbara Copp (Sakura), up 40 points to 1546
Average rating of all 6 players1541

WinnerJames' PredictionKris' PredictionWill's Prediction
Kenneth TuftsKenneth TuftsKenneth TuftsJames Monsebroten

Roxanne's Place (Tribbles): This tournament followed the First Edition Regional held earlier in the day, with the same six players participating. Kenneth Tufts (Worf Son of Mogh) and Roxanne Barbour (hyperlight) were leading up until round four, but it had been a low-scoring game and both players only had just over 200,000 Tribbles. They were ripe to be overtaken in the final round, and with everyone ganging up on Ken, it was Kurtis Correia (CmdrSpork82) who took his opportunity. He scored 566,644 Tribbles to take the title of Regional champion. Four deck lists and three tournament reports can be found on the tournament results page.

Statistics from Roxanne's Place:

Total achievements awarded3
Most achievements wonJames Monsebroten (Orbin), with 2
Average achievements per player0.5
Total Tribbles Scored1,327,291
Average Tribbles scored by all 6 players221,215

WinnerJames' PredictionKris' PredictionWill's Prediction
Kurtis CorreiaKurtis CorreiaJulia ChenKenneth Tufts


This week, Kenneth Tufts (Worf Son of Mogh); the highest-rated First Edition player in the World; steps into the spotlight.

James: Congratulations on your win Ken. I'll start by asking which decks you were considering for the First Edition Regional?
Ken: Too many to list easily, that's for sure. Some I won't say too much about, as I'm hoping to travel to some more Regionals this season, and they don't all need total reworking because of General Quarters. I will say that at least one of them was for the Federation/Bajoran Treaty Achievement, and most of them were at least part Bajoran. I loves me my Bajorans. All but one of the decks uses Son'a Observatory.

James: What decks did you expect to face?
Ken: Before I settled on my deck, I knew I had to compete with a [DQ] Delta Quadrant [Voy] Voyager Speed monster, because that's what Barb loves and plays. I strongly suspected at least one [Car] Cardassian Assign Support Personnel deck, as I know Jules as well; and I expected a lot of speed solver decks, as it fits our local meta of what most of our players have fun playing.

James: Can you give a brief description of how your deck works?
Ken: The deck list is here. I try to get two Resistance personnel out - one for free and one with Defend Homeworld - to power the Bajoran Resistance Cell draw engine. Then, I drop whatever free personnel that I can, and use Son'a Observatory for a bit of a jump start. I save Temporal Micro-Wormhole for when I need it, as it is the only way to report Dr. McCoy. It's not really a deck that attempts on turn one, but usually does on turn two. The idea was to use 18 dilemmas to stall my opponent long enough to get Time Travel Pod for a game winning stall. This deck might have been better named "TTP for the WIN", because thats what won me every game. It wasn't built for pure speed, and most of my opponents were faster until their main ships with most of their personnel vanished for five turns.

James: Are there any special tricks in the deck?
Ken: This was a very Triksy deck. It has Time Travel Pod for the "you're gone forever" trick. It has Computer Crash to shut down people who like to special download to break up dilemma combos i.e. Kes etc. It has Guinan to shut down Alternate Universe dilemmas. Paul Porter and his PADD in my tent are there to help pass dilemmas. And, let's not forget Dr. McCoy to rip apart Medical dilemmas, or his special download that can nullify Horta.

James: What's your favorite dilemma combo?
Ken: At the moment it's probably one I could not include in this deck, due to the lack of Alternate Universe dilemma seeding ability: Edo Probe, Whale Probe, Cytherians - chase that stasis field down the space line.

James: Nice. You played a Bajoran deck back in February. Did that experience affect your decision to play Bajoran in the Regional?
Ken: Not really. That deck is my 24 dilemma Bajoran deck series. This deck is based more on my other Bajoran decks that go back a little further, and are seen in part in the Bajoran treaty decks I've been playing.

James: Did you include any specific cards in this deck, based on the February tournament?
Ken: Not based on any one tournament no. However, if you take a stroll through all my tournaments this year, and look closely in each deck, you will see a little bit of this deck in each of them. I also learned to expect Alternate Universe dilemmas from my opponents, so I worked hard to fit that floppy hatted bartender into my deck.

James: How did the tournament play out, from your perspective?
Ken: It went well. It started out with me facing my local - going all the way back to the Decipher days - nemesis and partner in deck building crime, James. In every game I was behind at the start, not necessarily in points but in overall game position definitely. I sacrificed a lot sometimes to get the first mission for the Artifact. As soon as Time Travel Pod came out, the game was basically over for my opponents every time.

James: Who was your toughest opponent?
Ken: James Monsebroten! My great friend and Nemesis. We had a brutal space line for both of us, and duplicated two missions - both somewhat key to our decks. I took a huge risk putting my Time Travel Pod under the duplicated Bajor because I knew Insurrection (my only other planet mission) would be loaded for bear. I got Bajor, but when I did James had only a couple people on his ship, and was able to carefully bait my Time Travel Pod out with only about one-third of his personnel on board. What I didn't know, at that time, was that he was in a worse shape than it looked to me, because his deck primarily aimed to solve those two missions we duplicated. In most other games, Time Travel Pod was hitting ships with 60-100% of my opponent's personnel on board and just shut them down. Although Barb scored more points and was closer to scoring even more points, it was the game against James that made me sweat the most.

James: Now the tournament is over, how would you improve the deck?
Ken: Well, with The Next Generation expansion releasing soon, and not knowing the full extent of the impact it will have on the game, I can't really answer that at the moment. However, I will say probably very little. I like how the deck worked, and other then playing around with dilemmas or possibly changing around Referee cards a bit for different environments, the deck is good.

James: Moving onto the Tribbles tournament, why did you play the deck you did?
Ken: I have a tonne of Tribbles decks on hand, mostly for various achievements. I had a lot of fun with my Rescue the Rainbow deck in the last tournament and was considering it for the day. I was also considering my, always fun, Good Old Standard deck. In the end, when I saw the new Tribbles expansion with IDIC, I wanted to put that in my rainbow deck before I played it again, so I went with Good Old Standard as it's always fun to play, and Tribbles is all about mindless fun.

James: What Tribbles decks did you expect to face, and did you add any extra counters to those decks?
Ken: I never think that much about Tribbles. I just pick a deck and play to have fun. I did expect Kurtis to play his deck of win, but everyone else was likely to be totally random. Half of our Tribbles players just borrow a spare deck from me, Roxanne, or Kurtis. We always have a tonne of fun with balls of fur.

James: You were winning up until the final round, when the other players ganged up on you while Kurtis scored half a million to take the title. How do you feel after that?
Ken: I felt happy for Kurtis. All of our regular players are good friends, and I like to see them do well. Kurtis is our Tribbles master - maintaining a win ratio of over 50% in Tribbles tournaments!

James: Returning to First Edition, General Quarters was spoiled earlier this week. What are your opinions on the card?
Ken: GREAT! AMAZING! HATED! NEEDED! I have a love/hate relationship with it. Everyone hates it because it blows up our turn one splat decks; but I also LOVE it, as it is needed. First Edition's massive downloads were becoming a problem to the overall health of the game, and this is good medicine. Unlike Shape-Shift Inhibitor, it does not give [Bor] Borg a free pass, which is needed or they would simply dominate. It addresses turn one huge splats without punishing any one card or breaking stuff like the triplets. It doesn't punish downloads, it just spaces them out. It's great, I can't wait to see the game with it around. I've already started flipping through my deck ideas pad to see what needs major and what only need minor revamping now.

James: Do you have anything else to add?
Ken: Time Travel Pod... I think it may be worth looking at the ban bat for this one. It has fewer counters than Temporal Rift did - most notably none that download with a seed card and are reusable i.e. Alternate Universe Door. I'm sure my opponents from the last tournament will agree it ended every game for them, and not really in a fun way. Pre-OTF batch seeding, Artifacts were partly balanced by the fact that I could hold back my Dead End or other nasty dilemma for a late seed to try and get it in front of any self-seeds (i.e. Artifacts.) This was a balancing factor for them and meant Time Travel Pod was not the beast it is now. In my opinion, it needs a better counter and soon, or I think we will be seeing a plethora of them at all higher level tournaments and they will be deciding games. That's all for now folks. Have fun with your Treking. Worf Son of Mogh out.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions, Ken.


This week, one player won a Day One, Round One bye into her local First Edition Continental Championships:

And, two players won a 100,000 Tribbles Headstart into their local Tribbles Continental Championships:

Congratulations to all players, and I wish better luck to anyone who didn't make it this time. These bye winners have been added to the list of current bye winners for the Continental Championships and the World Championships here.

Deck statistics

There were six First Edition players at one tournament this week, an average of 6 players per tournament! I promise there will be more exciting statistics than this after more tournaments take place.

The most popular First Edition affiliations are currently:
1.Multiple AffiliationsUsed by 3 (50%) players
2.[Baj] BajoranUsed by 1 (17%) player1 Regional win
2.[Car] CardassianUsed by 1 (17%) player
2.[Fed] FederationUsed by 1 (17%) player

There were 14 Tribbles players at two tournaments this week, an average of 7 players per tournament. Excluding preliminary heats, a total of 3,695,708 Tribbles have been scored to date, an average of 263,979 Tribbles per player.

The most popular Tribbles powers are currently:
1.Unknown PowersUsed by 5 (36%) players1 Regional Win
2.BonusUsed by 2 (14%) players
2.GoUsed by 2 (14%) player1 Regional Win
2.RescueUsed by 2 (14%) players
5.CloneUsed by 1 (7%) player
5.DiscardUsed by 1 (7%) player
5.Draw/FreezeUsed by 1 (7%) player


James' AccuracyKris' AccuracyPublic Predictors Accuracy
2/3 (66%)1/3 (33%)0/3 (0%)

Proving that I can make lucky guesses with the best of 'em, I currently lead the standings. Still, there are 84 tournaments to go, and you don't need to be a mathematician to know that means that anyone can still win. Last week's public predictor, Will Hoskin (Gumbo), didn't get a single prediction correct. Let's hope that this week's interviewee, Kenneth Tufts (Worf Son of Mogh); is better. He thinks of Second Edition as "the Pokemon of the Star Trek games" and knows "very little about it, or the players", so don't expect too much from his predictions for three-quarters of this week's tournaments!

Past Public Predictors
Week 1Will Hoskin (Gumbo)0/3 (0%)

Week 2 Preview

The complete schedule can be found in the article 2012 Regional Championships Schedule. There are four Regional tournaments this week:

Saturday 7th AprilSunday 8th April
Second Edition (Standard)
Oleg's House
ulitsa Nametkina
House 9 Building 3, Apt 307
Moscow 117420
[Discuss] [Pre-register]
Second Edition (Standard)
Legion Comics
3248 Cahaba Heights Road
Birmingham, AL 35243
United States
[Discuss] [Pre-register]
Second Edition (Standard)
Tower of Games
1400 Kempsville Road
Chesapeake, VA 23320
United States
[Discuss] [Pre-register]
Tribbles (Standard)
Tower of Games
1400 Kempsville Road
Chesapeake, VA 23320
United States
[Discuss] [Pre-register]

Oleg's House: Commemorating Russia's transition from the "Neutral Zone" region into the "Delphic Expanse" Region, this is the first Continuing Committee-era Regional Championship to be held in Russia. Eight players have pre-registered so far, with some traveling over 500 miles/800 Km for the tournament. The Moscow playgroup only started sanctioning tournaments in June of last year. In that time, they have managed six tournaments, with three players each winning two. Oleg Ryzhikov (Elfwine) has played four different affiliations - [Car] Cardassian, [Dom] Dominion, [Fer] Ferangi and [TOS] Orginal Series - in that time. Nickolay Korotya (G'Kar) has played [Bor] Borg and [Rom] Romulan; and Andrey Larin (Cersan) favors the Humans - [TOS] Original Series, [SF] Starfleet and [Voy] Voyager/Equinox. While Oleg did win the last tournament, my pick to win is Nickolay because he has placed in the top two of the last five tournaments.

Kris: Nickolay Korotya to win. Why? Not only is he the highest rated player pre-registered, the man's also known around Moscow for throwing down the green (Romulan) guys. And you know what else is green, Gorilla? Money. Money talks, Gorilla, and as I always say "money comes to money", and because money comes to money I'm putting my money on Nickolay.

Ken: I'm going root for the underdog on this one with Nastya Rovenskaya. She seems to have been playing Deep Space 9 recently, and with my love of Deep Space 9 (albeit in First Edition), I've got to go for that.

There are no past Second Edition Regional results at Oleg's House.

Legion Comics: Tournaments have been scarce in Birmingham, Alabama; with the once-regular monthly tournaments now only happening very occasionally. There has only been one sanctioned tournament in the last nine months, and with no players pre-registered for the Regional so far, making a prediction is going to be hard work. We can be sure that Kyle Matusevic (CrimsonTide) is going to be there, as he is running the tournament. Aside from that, last year's winner and 2011 North American Continental Champion, Nathan Wineinger (Naetor), is sure to perform well - if he plays. Both players regularly finish in the top three of tournaments they play in. Given that Nathan's last tournament was on the other side of the United States, I predict Kyle will win this one.

Kris: Kyle Matusevic to win. Why? This past year The Alabama Slamma relocated to Guadeloupe/Juarez/someplace out west. With him outta the picture, I just don't see anyone standing in the way of The Matador. He's also won gold in that very arena before, so history is gonna repeat itself, mark my words! I smell a title change... or is that you, Gorilla?

Ken: I'm going to pick Kyle Matusevic because, well, he is the only person at the moment that is sure to be there as the TD with zero pre-regs. Or maybe "The Doctor", because you just never know where he might show up..

Past Regional results at Legion Comics:
2011, won by Nathan Wineinger (Naetor) playing [Rom] Romulan.
2010, won by Mike Gillespie (durgforaday) playing [DS9] Deep Space 9.
2009, not held.
2008, won by Kyle Matusevic (CrimsonTide) playing [TNG] Next Generation.

Tower of Games (Second Edition): The local tournaments in Chesapeake, Virginia regularly draw anywhere between four and seven players on a monthly basis. However, the Regional Championship at this venue seems to draw players out of the woodwork and/or encourage them to travel. In the last four years, there have been between nine and 14 players at this Regional, with Continental and World Champions participating. Two years ago, [TNG] Next Generation was the most popular deck choice. Last year, it was a tie between [Kli] Klingon and [TOS] Original Series. Of the pre-registered players, former World Champion, Neil Timmons (ntimmons) stands out. He has only entered the affiliation he used in one of the last six tournaments he participated in, so he must have something up his sleeve. Also pre-registered is Patrick Krentz (PK of VA). Patrick has an impressive 88% winning record, but he has never beaten Neil. The third player to highlight is Mr. Ben Hosp (bhosp). He appears to have been experimenting with decks recently, playing six different affiliations, only winning one (maybe two) of the last eight tournaments he has played in. I picked Patrick to win last year, and saw Neil take the title, so this year I am picking Neil to win.

Kris: Patrick Krentz to win. Why? He's never tasted Regional gold, Gorilla! And my big brain says that the hungriest dog in this fight is gonna get the bone. With a tournament win percentage above 80%, he's clearly the man to beat, provided any rival promotions' party crashers are checked at the door.

Ken: Neil Timmons. Why? Because I actually know who he is! And, I stole one of his Second Edition deck designs to have something to play when I travelled to major tournaments last year. With little knowledge of the Second Edition game, I was able to do very well with it, so I think he will take this one! It also helps that he is the highest rated player signed up.

Past Regional results at Tower of Games:
2011, won by Neil Timmons (ntimmons) playing [Car] Cardassian.
2010, won by Scott Blauvelt (boldarkstorm) playing [Bor] Borg.
2009, won by Neil Timmons (ntimmons) playing [Kli] Klingon.
2008, won by John Corbett (KillerB) playing [TNG] Next Generation.

Tower of Games (Tribbles): This double header in Chesapeake, Virginia is almost a voyage into the unknown. There have only been two previous Tribbles tournaments at this venue, and both times the winner scored in the region of 670,000 Tribbles. Last time out, no deck lists or tournament reports were entered so there is nothing to go on. In the first tournament, Scott Blauvelt (bolddarkstorm) played a Battle/Kill deck and top-decked an Antidote three times he was Poisoned. It would appear that his opponents didn't learn after the first two! Scott is one of the two players pre-registered, the other being David Blauvelt (captdsulu), but I think Neil Timmons (ntimmons) is the player to watch. He won the 2010 World Championships having only just learnt how to the game. He has finished in the top two of the last seven Tribbles tournaments he has participated in. And, he was only 10,267 Tribbles short of being the 2011 World Champion too. He is my pick to win.

Kris: David Blauvelt to win. Why? When it comes to Battle Royale's, Mr. Blauvelt is anything but your run of the mill ham-and-egger. The man put over two and a half million on the board in October for crying out loud, so I'll gladly stake my reputation as a broadcast journalist on him to pick up the win.

Ken: I don't know if all the Second Edition players plan to stick around for this one, as only two have pre-registered. I would have thrown my love behind Neil again but since he is not signed up, I'm going to go for the underdog with Scott Blauvelt.

There are no past Tribbles Regional results at Tower of Games.

Next Week

A review of the four results from week two, an interview with a winning player, the onslaught of statistics continues, and a preview of the five Regional Championships taking place in week three.

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