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TUC Contest #2: Which Weyoun is Which?

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

25th April 2008

Now we continue our grand tradtion: contests celebrating the release of a new expansion. The Continuing Committee is proud to step up to the plate with our "nemesis" - Section 31 - and bring you the second in a series of contests about The Undiscovered Country.

In the designer chat on our message boards, the Design Team for TUC has dropped several hints about the cards you'll see on 9 MAY 2008. One of those hints was a single title: Weyoun. We're happy to confirm for you that there is a Weyoun in The Undiscovered Country. Unfortunately, we have some bad news: there was a temporal quantum field variance in the transmission of the spoiler, and instead of getting one Weyoun, we got five!

Weyoun #1
Weyoun #2
Weyoun #3
Weyoun #4
Weyoun #5

The objective of this contest is simple: can you figure out which of these five different Weyouns is the proper Weyoun?

To enter, send your guess as to which Weyoun you think is the "correct" Weyoun to contests@trekcc.org before MIDNIGHT GMT-5 on FRIDAY, MAY 2ND. Please, only one entry per person. Do not include images, links to images, or anything but your real name, your email address, and your guess.

A random person to correctly guess which Weyoun is the correct Weyoun will receive a Tragic Turn foil. In addition, a random entry will also be given a Tragic Turn foil. Designers, developers, testers, and anyone else with foreknowledge of the contents of The Undiscovered Country are not eligible.

Good luck, and look for more contests like this in the near future!

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