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Shades of Gray: Flash Back to Win!

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

15th April 2011

The Continuing Committee is partnering again with Miniature Market to bring you the chance to win a $10 Gift Certificate, in order to celebrate the release of Shades of Gray!

We're giving away almost $50 in total product, and all you have to do to win is play First Edition with your friend! We're looking for photos of First Edition players playing with the new virtual cards from Shades of Gray. Grab your cell phone, snap a photo, and submit it and you'll have a chance to grab a prize!

To enter, snap a photo of you holding, playing with, or encountering a virtual card from the newly released Shades of Gray. You can pose with your favorite card, recoil in horror at your opponent's enhanced copy of Nanites, or just snap a candid of your new cards in action.

Then, attach the photo to an email to continuingcommittee@gmail.com with the subject of Shades of Gray Contest Entry. Include your name and trekcc.org user name in the email, and you're automatically entered!

Limit of one entry per person, and all entries must be received on or before Midnight (EST) on May 7, 2011. Four winners will be randomly selected to win the $10 Miniature Market gift certificate, which can be used to pick up some extra copies of the dilemmas enhanced by Shades of Gray! (Or any other of their fine products, of course.) In addition, we'll also be giving out ten copies of the AI Dyson Sphere Door foil to ten random participants!

Lots of ways to win, and all you have to do is show your Shades of Gray! Special thanks to our partners at Miniature Market for their support in this contest!

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