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Achievement Unlocked!

by Rogue Shindler, Achievement Master

27th April 2011

It has been a whirlwind of excitement and information taking over the new Achievements Master position. There has been plenty to do, and in settling in, the top of the list has been prioritizing clarifications, details, and adjustments to implement.

After getting to know the system itself, the top of the list was answering player questions and clarifications on Achievement requirements and restrictions, posting, and affiliation details. It was quickly apparent which questions were being repeated, so to help players make sure their decks are qualifying correctly for what they hope to earn, we have now posted an Achievements FAQ document linked at the top of each Achievements page. This should help alleviate some confusion, particularly regarding the affiliated Achievements, and you can expect the FAQ to be updated as new issues arise.

Next up, was sorting out some of the confusion caused by Non-Aligned personnel, ships, and facilities, and what role they play in affecting your affiliated decks, particularly in First Edition. The affiliation of your facilities triggers the affiliation of your deck in the 1E Deck Builder. The neutral facilities and Ferengi Trading Post was wisely omitted, as they can fit well into any deck, but the Non-Aligned facilities previously marked your deck as at least partially Non-Aligned. This has been adjusted so that any deck can make use NA facilities and still earn affiliated Achievements if they meet the remaining requirements. 1E Non-Aligned decks are still possible to achieve by maintaining the proper levels of personnel and ships in your deck.

We have also some new logistical changes. One of the first things you might have noticed is that you can now click on the link or a given Achievement and see who all has earned it. While you could previously see how many people had earned it, or click on someone's name to see what Achievements they have racked up, now if you are curious who have earned Klingon Player, for example, you can click the link under "Earned by 24 people" and see who got the gold, get a list of everyone that has earned it, and when.

You may have also noticed a few more Achievements visible on the Master List. These Achievements were formerly hidden, but what fun is accomplishing something if no one knows that you've done it? Now all hidden Achievements will become visible to everyone after the first person has achieved it so we can properly recognize their accomplishments, and so everyone will have new goals to shoot for! As such, congratulations are in order for Caretaker's Guest for being the first and only person so far to get into Triple Trouble, gtdoug for likewise being the only person to use Limited Resources, stoovie and later rycar60 for recognizing that Size Matters Not, and finally, ntimmons & rycar60 first and then nine Risans for venturing out of their local groups to be Talent on Loan.

In addition, CaptMDKirk earned the gold on our first expansion-release hidden Achievement. Given the focus of Shades of Gray on making useless old cards playable again and the exciting return of the [Ent-E] crew, it seemed only fitting to celebrate their return with the TNG Movie Era Player Achievement. You can expect to see more expansion-specific Achievements, some hidden, some not, as each new 1E and 2E set releases.

In the meantime, there remain dozens of Achievements left to earned. Yes, some are harder than others, but that makes them all the more glorious to accomplish. Go forth, conquer, and show the community what you can Achieve!

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