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2011 Australian Biermeister Nationals Update

by Matthyas Kiraly, World Biermeister Association: Australian Branch

2nd June 2011

It's official: we have a new venue for the Biermeister! :)


81 Goulburn Street (corner Pitt St)
Sydney NSW 2000

(click to view location in Google Maps)


Maloney's Hotel is already well-known to Perth and Brisbane players for its easy access, great value, and clean, friendly atmosphere, and was a natural option to turn to for this year's Biermeister Nationals.

Other Australian Biermeister news:

  • A text spoiler list has been posted for the 2011 Australian Biermeister Nationals promos! You can find them in the Dream Card forum, accompanied by a recap of the rules, important information about the cards, and some tidbits about their creation. Remember that you will receive a full set of these (plus an additional copy of selected cards) on the night of the event which you can add to your Academy-format decks as you wish. Also, keep in mind open trading of the cards will be allowed prior to the commencement of the tournament, so you are free to start negotiating trades right away, and start planning your deck strategy today!

  • The new venue's opening times are more flexible than at past Australian Biermeister Nationals, so round times of 60 minutes + 20 minutes drinking time should be more easily accommodated for. Should result in the night running more smoothly than in previous years.

  • The recent change in Victory Point calculations does not affect the calculation of Victory Beers, which will be done based upon the previous victory points system. That is, three (3) beers for a win, one (1) for a loss, etc.

  • Due to the nature of the event, the tournament will be unsanctioned but tournament results will still be recorded and entered into the system. They just will not count towards ratings. However, they will still count towards 2011 AC Dream Team scores. Remember, prizes will be awarded based on the number of beers consumed.

  • I have negotiated for seated space in the bistro dining area with proper tables and chairs and good lighting. Myself, along with fellow members of Team WA will be there around 5:30pm for a meal prior to the event, and I invite everyone to join us then as well.

    Just a recap on the details for the Biermeister:


    6pm - Australian Biermeister Nationals [Biermeister rules] [2011 Biermeister Promo Spoiler List]
    Rounds: 4
    Edition: Second Edition
    Format: Academy Constructed Deck
    Venue: Maloney's Hotel (81 Goulburn Street, Sydney)
    Cost: $10 (plus cost of drinks)
    Decklists: No
    Other: Academy Format means build a deck with only Common, Starter, Virtual cards (i.e. cards with "C", "S", or "V" ONLY) as well as ANY missions. Each participant will be provided one pack of 27 Biermeister promos, containing at least one copy of each 2011 Biermeister Promo. These cards will already be affixed to backing cards, so no backing cards will be required. Players may add these to their decks prior to the start of the event. Open trading of the promos will be allowed up until just prior to the announcement of the Round 1 pairings.


    Post your questions, comments, post them in the official 2011 Australian Continental Championships thread!

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