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Creative Team Members Needed

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

1st June 2011

Melllvar: Centuries ago, the videotaped adventures of the Enterprise crew rained down upon my planet. Over and over, I watched them. Especially the five with the energy beings. I am Melllvar! Seer of the tapes, knower of the episodes! Tremble before my encyclopedic knowledge of Star Trek!

Fry: Tremble? I laugh. Nobody knows more about Star Trek than me!

- Futurama, Season 4, Episode 11, "Where No Fan Has Gone Before"

Our newly appointed Creative Managers, Mr. David Runyon (superdave) for First Edition, and Mr. Matt Kirk (CaptMDKirk) for Second Edition, both have vast knowledge of the overall Star Trek universe as well as the history of stories in their respective editions of the card game. Both have been hard at work since their appointment working on projects that you'll be seeing soon, and others you won't see for awhile. But they need help, and we're looking for members of the community to volunteer to join the Creative Team!

If you have the desire to work on making our future cards "feel" great (and ensure that we don't make any Trek sense mistakes), and you're willing to volunteer a few hours a week, then please visit our Volunteer Resource Page and read up on the Creative Team Member positions.

Volunteer today, and shape the future of the CCGs for the better! Applicants will be considered as they are received, so read over the requirements for the positions and contact the Creative Managers today!

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