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The Road to Worlds 2011, Week 10

by James Hoskin, Director of Organized Play

2nd June 2011

This is a weekly series that aims to preview upcoming Regional tournaments, review Regional tournaments that have just taken place, highlight winning decks, interview players, and more. Last week's article was The Road to Worlds 2011, Week 9.

How can you contribute to this series? First and foremost, I am relying on results and deck lists being promptly entered into this site. I can't write about them otherwise. Other ways you can help include taking photos, interviewing players, writing previews, and providing background information. Any other way to help the community be a part of your Regional tournament would be appreciated, too. Contact details are at the end of this article.

Week 9 Review

Saturday 28th MaySunday 29th May
Second Edition (Standard)
Hotel Hamm
Sankt-Josef-straße 32
56068 Koblenz
Tribbles (Standard)
Hotel Hamm
Sankt-Josef-straße 32
56068 Koblenz
Second Edition (Standard)
Bismarckstraße 87
28203 Bremen
First Edition (Official)
Cranberry Cafe
115 West 45th Street
New York, NY 10036-4005
United States
[Cancelled, to be rescheduled]
First Edition (Official)
Arby's Restaurant
7110 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92111
United States

Hotel Hamm [2E]: Eight players participated in this Second Edition Vandros IV Regional, three of whom began the day with ratings over 1800 points. Johannes Klarhauser (Kaiser), playing an Earth (Home of Starfleet Command) deck titled "The Graduates"; was undefeated over five rounds and won his second Regional Championship of the year, his third in the Continuing committee era. Johannes only conceded four missions to his opponents in those five games. My pick to win, Tyler Fultz (DJstormtrooper), who played a [Bor] Borg deck titled "Jareshhh!!!!!"; finished in second place, despite only winning three of his five games. Thomas Schneider (thsch), playing a [Bor] Borg deck titled "Even Bigger Borg", rounded out the top three; proving that it is no fluke that any of these three players has such high ratings. The other five decks played included [Kli] Klingon, [Rom] Romulan, [SF] Starfleet, [Car] Cardassian, and [DS9] Deep Space 9. Seven deck lists and four tournament reports can be found on the tournament results page.

Statistics from Hotel Hamm:

Total achievements awarded7
Most achievements wonJohannes Klarhauser (Kaiser) and Peter van der Helm (Helmp), with 2 each
Average achievements per player0.9
Biggest ratings gainJohannes Klarhauser (Kaiser), up 54 points to 1891
Average rating of all 8 players1695

Hotel Hamm [Tr]: The second half of the double header in Koblenz, Germany saw four players participate in the only Tribbles Regional Championship to be held in the Vandros IV Region. My pick to win; Tyler Fultz (DJstormtrooper), declared beforehand that his opponents were "all going down!", and played a Battle deck. He did improve on the 1 Pity Tribble he scored at the 2010 World Championships, with a respectable 311,013 Tribbles scored this time. This was enough to beat his wife, Kathleen Fultz (KathleenF), who only scored 113,264 after being forced to Skip a lot of turns during the tournament. Unfortunately, Tyler's score wasn't enough to beat the 343,485 Tribbles scored by second place Thomas Schneider (thsch), playing a Poison deck; or the 422,344 scored by winner Johannes Klarhauser (Kaiser) playing an unfocused deck. It turns out that I was correct to pick one player to win both Regionals in Koblenz. I just picked the wrong player. One brief tournament report can be found on the tournament results page.

Statistics from Hotel Hamm:

Total achievements awarded2
Most achievements wonJohannes Klarhauser (Kaiser) and Tyler Fultz (DJstormtrooper), with 1 each
Average achievements per player0.5
Total Tribbles Scored1,190,106
Average Tribbles scored by all 4 players297,527

Arby's Restaurant: Ten players took part in this First Edition Risa Regional. Thomas Kamiura (Bosskamiura) was the only player to stay undefeated over four rounds, and won his first ever Regional Championship. Thomas was playing a [Car] Cardassian deck titled "TK Cardassian OTF Ver 2". Two players suffered just one loss each: Thomas Vineberg (Exon), playing a [Rom] Romulan deck; and Johnny Holeva (jjh), playing a [Baj] [Car] Bajoran / Cardassian deck titled "OTF Bajoran and Cardassian - MAY 2011". Even though Johnny beat Thomas V. in the first round, a modified win later on for Johnny meant that Thomas V. finished in second place and Johnny was third. The most popular affiliation was [SF] Starfleet, used by three players; with [Baj] Bajorans, [Car] Cardassian, [Fed] Federation and [Rom] Romulans all featuring twice. The Terran Empire also made an appearance. Those of you who can count up to twelve may have noticed there are too many affiliations listed there. The short answer is that two players played multiple affiliations. The long answer is filled with expletives. Seven deck lists and one tournament report can be found on the tournament results page, and an interview with the winner, Thomas Kamiura, is below.

Statistics from Arby's Restaurant:

Total achievements awarded12
Most achievements wonThomas Kamiura (Bosskamiura) and Chris Donati (Swisherfan), with 3 each
Average achievements per player1.2
Biggest ratings gainThomas Kamiura (Bosskamiura), up 59 points to 1595
Average rating of all 10 players1514

Universal-Card-Tools: The results for this Vandros IV Regional have yet to be entered. When they are entered, a more complete review of the tournament will be added to this article.

Cranberry Cafe: This First Edition Regional is going to be rescheduled, due to a number of players dropping out at the last minute. A post will be made in the Regional Championships forum with further details when they are known.


This week, Thomas Kamiura (Bosskamiura); producer of the Section 31 podcast, First Edition Risa Regional winner, and abbreviator of names; steps into the spotlight.

James: Congratulations on your win, Thomas. In preparation for the tournament, what decks were you considering?
Thomas: Well Jim (Sorry – couldn't help it), since I played [DQ] Delta Quadrant Holograms at the First Edition Santa Barbara Regional, I wanted to go with something that had a little more flexibility which meant something with a Nor. The dial-a-personnel when needed ability is awesome, not to mention the drawing/free plays. [Baj] Bajoran Resistance came to mind quickly, as did a [AU] Mirror Terran deck I had built already.

James: What decks did you expect to face?
Thomas: [Baj] Bajoran coupled with [DS9] Deep Space 9 is huge in Risa. [AU] Mirror is less common, but it's there. Dan Hamman's Harness Particle [Bor] Borg deck came to mind. And with all this talk of the First Contact Enterprise-E deck, I was betting on seeing that as well.

James: Why did you play Cardassian?
Thomas: Easy Jim. Lots of card draws, lots of free plays, the ability for easy bonus points, Second Edition backwards compatible card RAPE, and good missions within the same region.

James: Did you have any tricks in the deck or with the dilemmas?
Thomas: Well I really don't consider this a regular deck. I think it's more of a focused "trick deck."

James: How was the tournament for you?
Thomas: It was fun. We had ten players so no bye. Thanks go out to the tournament director for that one. None of my games went to time which was ok by me. Other than that, we all got to enjoy Arby's and then Tribbles after the Regional.

James: Who was your toughest opponent?
Thomas: That's a good question Jim, and I have two answers for that. First of all, Rogue Shindler (SirRogue), of Section 31 fame and recently named Achievement Master, was using [DS9] Deep Space 9. This slowed me down tremendously as we fought over Quark's Bar, control of the station for Process Ore, and free reports at the Docking Ports. Luckily, I was still able to scrape by with the help of Crell Moset, but it was a tough match. I would have to say Rogue by being my only opponent using Deep Space 9 or even Terok Nor, but if you look at pure points scored against me, that would have to be my boy – Chris Donati (Swisherfan). He did score one mission worth 35 points and then 15 bonus points from my seeded dilemmas. He was the only one to score a mission on me all day. So Rogue and Chris.

James: What was the highest number of draws and plays you managed in one turn during the tournament?
Thomas: Eight draws and six plays.

James: Did you build different dilemma combos for different opponents, or use the same ones each time?
Thomas: I pretty much used the same ones each time. In the game with Rogue however, I somewhat knew the strategy from the mission set I had seen. I adjusted slightly there because of that but also because we duplicated one mission which I later solved.

James: Several players think Zefram Cochrane's Telescope is overpowered. Having built a deck around it, What do you think?
Thomas: Well I really wouldn't say that I built a deck around it Jim. It was added to the deck a few revisions in after listening to a Section 31 podcast where Dan and Rogue talk about binder fodder (I forget the exact wording used) and after really looking at it, it was apparent how well it fit in. I mean look, I was already planning a two mission win. One planet and one space. Why not, right? It just fit so well. To answer your question though, I think it is strong, but I still think that there are a lot more powerful things out there right now. Like Hexany. The telescope still has to be earned and a well-placed dilemma like Dead End could shut it down until late game. I did use it in every game, but I don't feel as if it gave me the game each time.

James: Now that the tournament is over, how would you improve your deck?
Thomas: I would definitely change some of the dilemmas I used. I tried to use some of my best combo's and a few experimental ones, but looking back at it, I know which ones I am going to switch out. I might also drop a [Ref] Referee card or two. In my last revision of the deck, I removed a Regenerate and a few other cards and I added a Villagers With Torches. There is such a stigma about attempting with less than what Villagers With Torches requires around here that it's almost worth not carrying it. Now granted, that's a meta choice, but I think I could have thought more about the meta when constructing the deck.

James: If you had to face your deck in a tournament, how would you play to beat it?
Thomas: Ha! What a question Jim! I would probably try to run interference at Terok Nor. I might try to cancel Labor Camp when it hits the table or I might try to get out and ahead of the deck. Perhaps battling my ship once it leaves my headquarters is the right thing to do. Looking back at it, you will want to hinder its speed. The only way I can think of doing that would be to shut down my Terok Nor or to kill off Crell Moset. It's just difficult to name a single thing because it has so many avenues to go down.

James: Do you have anything else to add?
Thomas: I just want to thank the Santa Barbara crew for coming three and a half hours South to play. I want to thank the San Diego playgroup and Dan Hamman for throwing the event. And I want to thank you Jim for all the hard work you put into these articles.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions, Thomas.


This week, one player won a Day One, Round One bye into the First Edition Continental Championships:

• Thomas Kamiura (Bosskamiura), winner at Arby's Restaurant

One player won a Day One, Round One bye into the Second Edition Continental Championships:

• Thomas Schneider (thsch), third place (bye handed down) at Hotel Hamm

And, one player won a 100,000 Tribbles Headstart into the Tribbles Continental Championships:

• Johannes Klarhauser (Kaiser), winner at Hotel Hamm

Congratulations to all players, and I wish better luck to anyone who didn't make it this time. These bye winners have been added to the list of current bye winners for the Continental Championships and the World Championships here.

Deck Statistics

There were ten First Edition players at one tournament this week, taking the total players at First Edition Regional Championships to 78 - an average of 7.1 players per tournament. A number of missing results have now been entered, including the sealed event in Sweden where all nine players received a pile of [Fer] Ferengi cards to play with. This explains why [Fer] Ferengi are now the second most popular affiliation. [Baj] Bajoran tops the best-performing affiliation leaderboard, averaging 12.3 victory points per player. [Car] Cardassian is in second place, averaging 10.7 victory points per player; and [Fer] Ferengi is third, averaging 10.2 victory points per player. The worst performing affiliations, in terms of average victory points scored, are Hirogen, Borg and Terran Empire.

The most popular First Edition affiliations are currently:
1.[Fed] FederationUsed by 13 (19%) players1 Regional win
2.Multiple AffiliationsUsed by 14 (18%) players3 Regional wins
3.Unknown AffiliationsUsed by 12 (15%) players2 Regional wins
4.[Fer] FerengiUsed by 9 (12%) players1 Regional win
5.[Rom] RomulanUsed by 5 (6%) players
6.[Kli] KlingonUsed by 4 (5%) players
7.[Baj] BajoranUsed by 3 (4%) players1 Regional win
7.[Bor] BorgUsed by 3 (4%) players
7.[Car] CardassianUsed by 3 (4%) players1 Regional win
7.[NA] Non-AlignedUsed by 3 (4%) players1 Regional win
11.HirogenUsed by 2 (3%) players
11.[SF] StarfleetUsed by 2 (3%) players1 Regional win
11.Terran EmpireUsed by 2 (3%) players
14.VidiianUsed by 1 (1%) player

There were eight Second Edition players at one tournament this week, taking the total players at Second Edition Regional Championships to 200 - an average of 9.1 players per tournament. Earth (Home of Starfleet Command) gets its first Regional win this year, and also jumps to the top of the best-performing affiliation leaderboard, averaging 13.4 victory points per player. [SF] Starfleet drops to second, averaging 12.8 victory points per player; [TOS] Original Series is third, averaging 12.2 victory points per player. [Baj] Bajoran, [Maq] Maquis and [Dom] Dominion are still at the bottom of the list, having not been played this week.

The most popular Second Edition affiliations are currently:
1.[Kli] KlingonUsed by 27 (14%) players3 Regional wins
2.[TOS] Original SeriesUsed by 19 (10%) players4 Regional wins
3.[Rom] RomulanUsed by 18 (9%) players2 Regional wins
3. Multiple AffiliationsUsed by 18 (9%) players1 Regional win
5.[Bor] BorgUsed by 17 (9%) players5 Regional wins
6.[TNG] Next GenerationUsed by 16 (8%) players1 Regional win
7.[SF] StarfleetUsed by 15 (8%) players
8.[Car] CardassianUsed by 12 (6%) players1 Regional win
9.[Voy] Voyager/EquinoxUsed by 9 (5%) players2 Regional wins
10.[DS9] Deep Space 9Used by 8 (4%) players2 Regional wins
10.[TN] Terok NorUsed by 8 (4%) players
12.[Dom] DominionUsed by 7 (4%) players
13.Earth (Home of Starfleet Command)Used by 6 (3%) players1 Regional win
13.Unknown AffiliationsUsed by 6 (3%) players
15.[Fer] FerengiUsed by 5 (3%) players
16.[Baj] BajoranUsed by 4 (2%) players
17.[Maq] MaquisUsed by 3 (2%) players
18.[NA] Non-AlignedUsed by 2 (1%) players

There were four Tribbles players at one tournament this week, taking the total players at Tribbles Regional Championships to 29 - an average of 7.3 players per tournament. A total of 9,087,831 Tribbles have been scored to date - an average of 313,373 Tribbles per player.

Week 10 Preview

The complete schedule can be found in the article Regional Championships Series 2011 Schedule. There are six Regional tournaments this week:

Saturday 4th JuneSunday 5th June
Second Edition (Standard)
Pressather Straße 113
92637 Weiden
[Discuss] [Pre-register]
Second Edition (Standard)
9300 Midlothian Turnpike
Richmond, VA 23235-4947
United States
[Discuss] [Pre-register]
First Edition (Official)
Franz-Josefs-Kai 29
A-1010 Vienna
[Discuss] [Pre-register]
Second Edition (Standard)
Beim Pachthof 15
22111 Hamburg
[Discuss] [Pre-register]
Second Edition (Standard)
River Falls Public Library
140 Union Street
River Falls, WI 54022
United States
[Discuss] [Pre-register]
Second Edition (Standard)
The Pommeler's Rest
198 Tower Bridge Road
London, SE1 2UN
United Kingdom
[Discuss] [Pre-register]

Kaiserpalast: This is the inaugural Second Edition Regional Championship to be held in Weiden, Germany. Just four players have pre-registered so far. Tournament organizer, Johannes Klarhauser (Kaiser), claims this makes his tournament "more exclusive." Johannes is fresh off the back of two Regional Championship wins last weekend, and is looking to win his fourth Regional Championship of the year with this tournament. His main competition looks to be from Tobias Rausmann (garetjax). Tobias has won four Regional Championships and two German National Championships in the past, and he is the reigning Second Edition World Champion. Tobias has beaten Johannes five of the six times they have played previously, and he is my pick to win. Rumors that I'll be receiving more hate mail after not picking Johannes to win (again) are probably true.

There are no past Regionals results at Kaiserpalast.

KFC: Richmond, Virginia is the setting for this Second Edition tournament. Like the tournament in Weiden, there are only four players pre-registered. That does not include tournament organizer, Neil Timmons (ntimmons) though, so this tournament probably won't be quite as "exclusive." Besides Neil, who is ranked at number two in the world, another challenger for this title is Ben Hosp (bhosp). Ben is only ranked at number three in the world, so he should be easy to beat! As I think Neil will be stuffed with KFC, my pick to win is Ben. Rumors that the winner of this tournament shall receive a golden bucket of chicken are totally unfounded.

Past Regional results at KFC:
2010 (alternate venue), won by Charlie Beam (Gooch) playing [Kli] Klingon.
2009 (alternate venue), won by Neil Timmons (ntimmons) playing [Kli] Klingon.
2008 (alternate venue), won by Ben Hosp (bhosp) playing [Kli] Klingon.

River Falls Public Library: This self-styled "border battle" is the first Regional to be held in the state of Wisconsin. Twelve players have pre-registered so far, with Minnesotans and North Dakotans outnumbering the Wisconsinites. Only two tournaments have been held in the state previously, and both were won by Kris Sonsteby (LORE). Kris has won the last four tournaments he has played in; including a Regional in Fargo, North Dakota; with a different affiliation each time. Among those challenging Kris is Mr. Achievement himself: Matthew Hayes (karonofborg13). Matthew, who has earned 77 achievements in the space of five months, has also won a Regional Championship this year and has averaged second place in his last nine tournaments. Another challenger is Jerad Berhow (Jerad). Jerad has played [Bor] Borg decks at 14 tournaments this year, and once played a five-headquarters deck in a tournament and didn't finish last! My pick to win is The Old Pro himself: Kris Sonsteby. Rumors that the winner's face will be carved into a block of cheddar are just playing into stereotypes.

There are no past Regionals results at River Falls Public Library.

Jazzland: The only First Edition Regional Championship of the weekend is taking place in Vienna, Austria. In the last year, there have been four First Edition tournaments in the area. All of them saw six players in attendance. Stefan Slaby (Winner of Borg) won one of the tournaments, and Julius Melhardt (Clerasil ToB) won the other three. With an 88% winning record in Austria, my pick to win is Julius Melhardt. Rumors that there are no rumors about this event are true.

There are no past Regionals results at Jazzland.

NordCon: This Second Edition Vandros IV Regional has attracted just four players each in the past two years. Both times, these "exclusive" tournaments were won by Michael Mittelstedt (Roga Danar). Michael has won four Regional Championships in the past, two last year and two the year before. Three of those were with [Dom] Dominion decks. Three players have pre-registered so far (on open-cards.com), including Michael, so he is my pick to win. Rumors that I'm running out of ideas for rumors are true.

Past Regional results at NordCon:
2010, won by Michael Mittelstedt (Roga Danar) playing Earth (Home of Starfleet Command).
2009, won by Michael Mittelstedt (Roga Danar) playing [Dom] Dominion.
2008, not played.

The Pommeler's Rest: The most important Regional Championship this year, is the one that I am running in London. Ignoring the aberration that is last year, where no one turned up to play an Infinite Diversity draft; previous years have seen attendance figures of eight and seven players. Those tournaments also saw five and seven rounds respectively, so anyone planning on attending should be ready for a marathon of games this year. Of the last six tournaments held at the venue, three have been won by Nicholas Yankovec (nickyank), so he has to be favorite. Or does he? Nick's recent form hasn't been great in the last two months. Another challenger could be William Hoskin (Gumbo). Will won the last tournament he played with his trusty [NA] Androids, but his form in the previous six tournaments before that has been absolutely shocking - even if he was hunting achievements. That leads us to Doug Hughes (gtdoug). Doug only plays [Rom] Romulan decks. In fact, he only plays one deck. The achievement for playing [Rom] Romulan decks in 100 tournaments should be called "The Doug Hughes." Everyone in the playgroup knows how to beat his deck and what its flaws are, yet Doug keeps winning. Doug has finished in the top three of his last three tournaments and has a good chance on Sunday. My pick to win is none of these players though. I'm going with the highest rated player in the United Kingdom, the player with the best overall winning percentage (69%), and the player with the best winning record (67%) against me: Stuart Motley (Damulak). Rumors that I was going to pick myself to win were so untrue that I almost picked myself while laughing too hard.

Past Regional results at The Pommeler's Rest:
2010, not played.
2009 (alternate venue), three-way tie won by William Hoskin (Gumbo) playing [Rom] Romulan, Nicholas Yankovec (nickyank) playing [Dom] Dominion and Steve Upton (nagisteve) playing [Car] [Rom] Cardassian / Romulan.
2008 (alternate venue), won by Stuart Motley (Damulak) playing [Dom] Dominion.


Putting all my eggs into one basket (or Tyler as he is known to other people) failed me last week. With one result still to be entered, I only have one correct prediction out of three. My record now stands at 42% (15 out of 36).

Next Week

A review of the six results from week ten, another interview, and a preview of the three Regional Championships taking place in week eleven.

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