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Ambassadors Assemble!

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

3rd June 2011

After months and years of working towards building and coordinating an Ambassador program, we're proud to announce that we have recruited our initial corps of volunteers and are setting them to work!

To celebrate the debut of our Ambassador Program, we're also proud to announce the revamped Region HQ page, available from the front page by clicking on the "Player Map" link. The Region HQ landing page provides an illustrated list of our current regions, and links to the HQ page for each region.

On each region's HQ page, you'll see a map of the players and venues in your Region, and a list of the Ambassadors for each region and how you can contact them. Scrolling down through the page, you can see a list of the region's venues and upcoming tournaments in the area. And last but not least, you can see a list of the players in your area for both First Edition and Second Edition. (Tribbles is so popular that a list is unnecessary; just assume everyone is a Tribbler!)

Our Ambassadors have already been set with tasks and will be travelling their Regions spreading the good word (and possibly some spoilers or extra prizes.) On the forums, each Ambassador will be marked with a special badge:

And now, your official list of Ambassadors:

Briar Patch Region
Mike Garvey (Mike2E)

We don't have an ambassador yet for this region. If you'd like to volunteer to represent this region, please contact stoovie.

Deep Space Station K-7
Robert Dawson (TBT)

Kazon Collective
Kieren (Honest)
Steve Hartmann (chompers)

Omarion Nebula
Peter H. Møller (Peukon) [Denmark]
Torbjörn Lindquist (Linkan) [Sweden]
Humuhumunukunukuapua [Sweden]
Andrew Mark Alcock (uglywithglasses) [UK]

New Bajor
Peter van der Helm (Hemp)
Arjan Hoek (arjan242)

Vandros IV
Johannes Klarhauser (Kaiser)
Tjark Ott (tjark)

Borg Region
Julius Melhardt (Clerasil ToB) [Austria]
Jirka Paska (Taurnil) [Czech Republic]

North America
Breen We don't have an ambassador yet for this region. If you'd like to volunteer to represent this region, please contact ikeya.

J (The Mad Vulcan)

Rura Penthe
Mark Morris (BaronMorrath) [Alberta]
Thomas Solway (tksolway) [Alberta]
Keith Morris (Foreman) [Manitoba]

Thomas Kamiura (bosskamiura)
Rich Joakimson (Outsider)

Cory Watterson (Venona)

The Void
Richard New (The Guardian)


Deep Space 9
Al Schaefer (ltkettch17)

Sector 001
Charlie Beam (Gooch)
George Meadows (theECH)

Rick Kinney (T-Ricks)

Chris O'Connell (Brak_)

Jeremy Benedict (flrazor) [Minnesota]
Jerad Berhow (Jerad) [North Dakota]
Matthew Hayes (karonofborg13) [North Dakota]

Good luck and our sincerest thanks to all of our Ambassadors. The Ambassador corps will be our eyes and ears on the ground, and help us cater to the needs of our players and our community more than we have ever been able to do so far. We can't wait to see how great things can be now that we have Regional Ambassadors!

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