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Michael Keller Retires as Second Edition Rules Master

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

6th June 2011

After over three years of dedicated and admirable service, Michael Keller has decided to retire from his position as the Second Edition Rules Master. His reasons for his retirement are both personal and professional, but in a private message to me regarding his retirement, Mr. Keller said the following:

"I took this position to help you and serve the community of players. I hope that I have met your expectations and wish you and the CC even greater success." - Michael Keller

In my opinion, Mr. Keller has done an extraordinary job in what is arguably the most difficult position on The Continuing Committee. Maintaining the health and stability of the rules system is a thankless job that grows exponentially more difficult each time Design introduces a new card into the environment. Mr. Keller's attention to detail and his dedication to his philosophical and professional beliefs are things to admire and emulate.

Michael, you have my thanks for your years of dedication, and my respect for your skill and integrity. I've learned much about being a judge and a tournament director over the last six years, working at your side, and I am better for it. As a founding member of the Continuing Committee, I am sure that we would not have been half as successful without your guidance and your hard work. On behalf of the entire CC and the player community, thank you for your service and best of luck moving forward.

SPOCK: "Nature abhors a vacuum. I intend you to replace me."
VALERIS: "I could only succeed you, sir."

- Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Keller's departure has left a major vacancy within The Continuing Committee. However, we have contingency plans in place for such situations and, effective immediately, I will assume the administrative duties of the Rules Master position until the search for a replacement is complete. I am confident that I can manage the additional workload with the help of the skilled members of the Rules Committee.

I have formed a Selection Committee made up of members of the community from various competitive and cultural backgrounds. This group of five (5) members will be ultimately responsible for selecting the new Second Edition Rules Master.

As of today, we have listed the open position of Second Edition Rules Master has been posted in our Volunteer Resource Center. Applicants will be required to complete an online survey of questions providing information on their background and experience. These applications are due on Friday, June 17, 2011.

Once received, the members of the Selection Committee will review the applications anonymously, meaning without any of the identifying information (to avoid any bias.) The members of the Selection Committee will identify a small number of finalists, and conduct voice-to-voice interviews with those candidates before selecting the new Second Edition Rules Master. It is our hope that the new Rules Master will be selected and in place by July 11, 2011.

The Selection Committee is made up of the following representatives of the community:

Community MemberMessage Board HandleLocation
Johannes KlarhauserKaiserGermany
Mike NugentIron MikeAustralia
Thomas ScheniderthschGermany
Rogue ShindlerSirRogueCalifornia, USA
Kris SonstebyLOREMinnesota, USA

The members of the Selection Committee were recruited with the intention of creating a panel that represented each geographical area, play style, and level of competition in the search. Members of the community are welcome to discuss their thoughts and concerns regarding this search on the Gameplay (2E) fourm as long as it is done in a respectful manner and following the rules of the forums.

It is our intention to make this transition as easy and as smooth as possible, and to ensure that we have a new Second Edition Rules Master as soon as possible, but especially in place prior to the 2011 World Championships. The Rules Committee will continue to operate as it has been, and should any decisive action be required, I will ensure it is taken as the Acting Rules Master.

Please stay tuned to the front page, the Gameplay (2E) fourm, and the Volunteer Resource Center for the latest information on our search for the new Second Edition Rules Master.

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