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We Are the Borg: Anatomy of a Borg Card

by Brad DeFruiter, Lead Designer

23rd April 2008

What does it mean to be Borg? Let me list things that you may or may not know about the design of the Borg:

• The Borg are greedy. They want your personnel, your events, and they even want to attempt the same kind of missions you attempt.

• The Borg are in total control of their hive and masters of their own deck. This is why they have the ability to download and manipulate their deck so much.

• The Borg are attribute light. They often need their numbers.

• The Borg do things just a bit different than anyone else. This is why they pay so many costs by discarding cards from the top of the deck.

• The Borg are not interested in alliances. They will take what they want. This is why the Unicomplex is the only headquarters mission one can command while playing Borg.

• The Borg lack key skills but make up for it with an array of verbs that lessen the effects of dilemmas.

• The Borg are interconnected, and because of this, share experiences and skills with one another.

• The Borg have the best ships in the game.

• What few unique Borg personnel The Borg have are important to them.

I hope that this list gives players and fans of STCCG Second Edition some insight and a better appreciation of The Borg.

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