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Three of Twelve (Specialty Drone)

by Johannes Klarhauser, Staff Writer

24th April 2008

Have you noticed that every Borg-affiliaton personnel after Strange New Worlds has been unique? That's right, The Undiscovered Country is indeed the first set in almost three years to include new non-unique Borg (Harvest Drone and Synergy Drone). Still, the shift towards more unique personnel that began in To Boldly Go is not neglected in the first virtual set.

Three of Twelve (Specialty Drone) works best when he is present with unique personnel, and makes each of them attributes +1 while attempting a mission. As of The Undiscovered Country, there are 16 unique Borg-affiliation personnel that can be in play at the same time, enough personnel to play Unimatrix Zero at a big discount. Unimatrix Zero gives all your unique personnel the Alternate Universe icon, which in turn opens up the option of using Standard Punishment to great effect. While Borg never had serious trouble coming up with high Cunning or Strength, the synergy between that interrupt and Three of Twelve's attribute boost now helps the Collective to make short of work of Integrity-based dilemmas that have often stopped the Borg cold...like Gomtuu Shock Wave or Excalbian Drama.

Apart from potentially huge attribute numbers, you might also be surprised by the wide selection of skills that appear on unique Borg personnel. Even though staples like Fourth (Neonatal Drone), Third (Neonatal Drone) and the Borg Queen (Guardian of the Hive) have only two skills, 19 of the 23 different skills in Second Edition can be found on unique Borg. In fact, the four skills that are missing are the “freak skills” of Acquisition, Intelligence, Law, and Telepathy... none of which are available to the Borg affiliation anyway. If you want to fill those gaps, you will have to take command of an opponent's personnel – which brings us back to synergy: Three of Twelve and Unimatrix Zero affect all unique personnel you command, including those you have assimilated. For your next tournament, why not try and give your Computation Drones the day off and see if you can come up with big attributes another way?

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