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New Achievements Are Coming...

by Rogue Shindler, Achievement Master

29th August 2011

Are You Ready?

Still recovering from the Road to Worlds? Taking your time getting to know the new Tacking and Homefront cards? Trying to find new decks to build and new goals to achieve for your fall league tournaments? Well, let me help you out with that…

The Achievements Team has been laboring for months to put together the next series of achievements, so it seems only appropriate that we deliver it as a Labor Day gift to the community (at least for those observing Labor Day in the States). In this next wave, you will find over 100 new achievements available to earn, starting Monday, September 5.

What’s coming? Now, that would be spoiling… well, okay. How about some hints? There will definitely be some new and interesting deck building goals. How about some dilemma-related achievements? A variety of new affiliation achievements appear. Several existing threshold achievement series have new, increased levels. Some new rewards for TDs are much deserved. There may even be a few story-based achievements, if you can find them. And, oh yes. Tribbles!

Get Set…

In order to accommodate the new and diverse set of achievements we have in store, our Chief Programmer has been working laboriously to revise the Deck Builder behind the scenes so that the Achievements system can better read it and properly review decks for Achievement eligibility. Because of the requirements of the new system, only complete decks will be eligible for achievement review.

What does it mean, “Exact change?”

A complete deck is exactly what it sounds like: you must input a complete, tournament legal deck in the system to be evaluated for achievements, including draw deck, missions, dilemma pile, and seed cards in legal quantities.

First Edition - It must have at least 66 cards total, including no more than 30 seed cards, at least 30 draw cards, and six missions.

Second Edition - It must have at least 60 cards total, including at least 20 dilemmas, at least 35 draw cards, and 5 missions.

Tribbles - It must have at least 30 cards total.

In addition, these necessary changes are system-wide, meaning that any deck you have already entered to earn achievements in the past that is NOT complete will no longer be evaluated by the system for achievements, and thus, some current achievements could be lost.

This is an unfortunate side-effect of the system revamp, but is a necessary one that will prove beneficial as we move forward. And let’s all be honest players, now; if you have earned achievements on incomplete decks, you know you should have input the whole thing to begin with. Not to worry, though. We will make those decks available to you for editing to insure completeness and minimize the casualties. Time to go back and make sure all of your decks are complete! I know I'll need to enter my dilemma pile for a few old decks...


Current achievements will still be available, but you'll want to play your decks for those this weekend so you can focus future decks on earning Twice As Sweet, being the first Highlander, Set Phasers on Stun, becoming a Prylar, Vedek, Kai, or even The Emissary, sharing some Common Ground, taking The Voyage Home, showing your Strength of Spirit, or maybe hitting the Jackpot. And don’t forget to update your existing decks!

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