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Make it So 2011 is Officially Underway!

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

26th September 2011

In Make it So 2010, Keith "Foreman" Morris emerged as the winner from a pool of twenty (20) aspiring designers, joining the design team to work on the popular Tacking Into the Wind. Now, starting today with Challenge #1, the twelve (12) contestants in Make it So 2011 being their journey to emerge as The Next Assistant Designer.

Challenge #1 tasks the teams with creating a vertical cycle of cards based on Star Trek's infamous Mirror Universe. A vertical cycle is a set of cards across the different card types, instead of a horizontal cycle which spans a single card type. In this case, the cycle is thematic (the Mirror Universe) instead of mechanic (a shared piece of game text.)

To follow along with this year's competition, check out the official Make it So forums. A list of all of the contestants, as well as links to their applications, and links to each of the challenges is available on the Make it So page.

Good luck to all of the contestants! Members of the public will have the opportunity to participate as well by voting on and critiquing the cards that are submitted!

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