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It's Time: The 2012 Worlds

by Matthyas Kiraly, Australian OP Coordinator

6th October 2011

Hey all,

Firstly, I just want to thank Charlie and the rest of the OP team for showing great courage and long-term vision in choosing to award Australia its first World Championships for the Star Trek CCG. Organised play has been very strong in Australia in recent years, with the utmost faith and dedication shown by the players resulting in the booming success of recent Australian Continentals as celebrations of Trek in Australia. There is no better time for Australia to play host to the biggest event in the game, and nothing will be spared in the quest to make it the biggest and best Worlds in the game's history.

I want to get on the front foot and let everyone know that we are well underway with planning for the AC. I am one for planning way ahead of time. Everyone can rest assured that all the major event information, including dates and the locations will be announced well before the end of this year (2011).

We are, first and foremost, focused on final selection of dates for the event. We currently have an expectation to get the exact dates sorted out within a few weeks, ideally before the end of the month. I think Charlie may have already mentioned, we're looking at a date past GenCon Indy 2012 (16th-19th August), most likely in September or October.

Top priority is to avoid conflicting events as best as possible. Secondary priorities are the potential impact of public or school holidays, and seasonal considerations. But, I would say that if you want to start scouting ahead for potential tickets prices now, feel free to pick a time in September or October 2012 for now.

In general, I appreciate and encourage comments about the event in the World Championships forum. I only ask that people restrain from making and running with any assumptions (as fact) about the event unless I've posted it as a set-in-stone official announcement.

This isn't going to be a clone of the Australian Continentals, and while I admit the 2012 AC will not be of the same scale as the 2011 AC, that was always going to be plan, regardless of an Australian Worlds. At this stage, dates, venues and events are all on the table for the Worlds, and subject to change. Worlds is going to be special, and whether you're driving up from Canberra or flying in from Minnesota, rest assured you'll notice the difference.

As I mentioned above, your thoughts and opinions are valuable to the decision-making process. Please bookmark/subscribe to the World Championship forum as we may seek feedback on certain topics to ensure the better decision is made.

Thanks all, and I really look forward to 2012 being the greatest, most unforgettable year in Star Trek CCG World Championships history.

It's time to make this your 2012 Worlds.

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