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UK Nationals Offers Fabulous Prizes

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

22nd October 2011

I recently had the pleasure of playing in the online tournament against my friend, Nick Yankovec (nickyank), who I haven't seen in several years. After our game we were talking about the upcoming UK Nationals tournament weekend and he asked me if I could put a post up on the front page advertising the amazing prizes for the event. Given that I'd just squeaked out a victory against him, and I want the championship to have a huge turn out, I thought I would oblige:

1st placed UK player
*Brand new Blu-Ray player*
UK National Champion Trophy
Personalised UK Champ autographed photo by Chase Masterson

1st placed non-UK player
Star Trek: Vault - 40 Years from the Archives (hard back book)
T'Pol Archive Portrait

1st placed Team London German player who recently got married
A special prize for both him and his wife

Last place
Hoshi Archive Portrait
Star Trek: TNG Monopoly set

Other prizes
Star Trek Tholian Web collectible plate
Voyager Delta Flyer Hallmark collectible decoration
Star Trek: Art of Star Trek book
Voyager Film Cell
Star Trek playing cards
Star Trek travel set
Serenity DVD
Battlestar Galactica complete season 3 DVD
Star Trek II DVD
Pirates of the Caribbean I and II DVDs
Troy DVD

+ a very special prize for a certain put upon local player/TD for all his "hard" work

+ a ton of promos and cards...!

And all for the amazing price of just £2 tournament entry. Everybody is a winner!

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