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Through the Temporal Vortex

by Chris Lobban, Starfleet Historian

4th November 2011

We've just received word that there is a new Borg Drone lurking around here with a specific interest in time-travel, and there are fears that it has somehow corrupted the timeline. In an effort to secure our past and ensure that the drone hasn't done any damage, we've developed a series of questions and we need your help researching and answering these questions. They will take you at a look back over the past fifteen years, specifically focussing on areas where the drone is most likely to have affected things. It appears that he is mostly interested in the First Contact property logo, for some reason.

So here is your task, if you choose to accept it. Review the 15 questions below, and determine the correct answers for each of them. The person with the most correct answers will be sent a special prize. If more than one person is tied for the most correct answers, we'll send out one prize for every 20 overall entrants (rounded up, so if 25 people enter, there will be two winners). You have until Sunday November 13th, 11:59pm EST to submit your answers. Good luck!

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