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November Rules Update

by Allen Gould, First Edition Rules Master

7th November 2011

This month's update starts with an item I'm very happy to present, but can't take any credit for - the release of the First Edition Glossary version 1.9. This replaces both Glossary 1.8 and the the Current Rulings Document, and marks a major milestone towards a general rules revamp.

You may ask why this took so long to accomplish. The reason is simple - the only copy of the Glossary we had available was Decipher's password-protected PDF (the same as everyone else)... and we didn't have the password to unlock it. Conversion programs were tried, but the formatting was always garbled too badly to be usable. So, over the past few years, a small group of dedicated Bajoran monks have been retyping the entire Glossary by hand. Obviously, this is no small task, and I give them my deepest thanks for the astoundingly large amount of work involved in getting this done. Now we have a completely editable version of the document, which will make future changes far easier to tackle down the road.

To help make the transition a bit easier, there's not a lot of actual rules changes this month. The only notable one is that we've moved the definition of "alone" to it's own entry, rather than being part of Ajur's definition.

While we're doing changes to rules, Jeremy Commandeur has made some changes to the 1E Revised format, which he details here.

That takes care of the big rules rewrites for the month, so let's look at this month's errata. Some of these come off the ban list, some are "in-and-outs" (we're just issuing errata immediately instead of banning them for a month and then doing it), and some are taking care of odd interactions. Tackling them in no particular order: