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Conversions: An Analysis - Resistance is Futile (Part 2 of 3)

by J, Staff Writer

23rd November 2011

Six of Ninety-Six

If you missed it, in addition to converting a handful of BC cards, the release of the Resistance is Futile expansion also marks the removal of one of the BC cards from the ban list. This card was once called Reconnaissance Drone.

What is interesting about the newly converted Reconnaissance Drone, as compared to his previous and incredibly broken version, is that he retains all of the same skills, icons, and attributes (plus 2 Strength). He is even still non-unique. Actually, the only difference between this and the original is the special ability.

Previously, the Reconnaissance Drone would allow a player to download any non-drone personnel and place them on top of the deck. This was great for getting a Queen or Counterpart early in the game, but also for probe rigging. The new version cannot net you a free powerful personnel (at all), but can still help in probe rigging, though to a much lesser (non-broken) extent. He allows the player to shuffle their deck and then check to make sure that the top card is what they want it to be. The player could then leave their deck as it is (in the event of a good probe card) or reshuffle by using Q the Referee for a Juggler or utilizing a special download. One could also choose to utilize a Bynars Data Transfer to rig the probe properly.

…to be continued!

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