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Through the Temporal Vortex - The Results

by Chris Lobban, Chief Programmer

21st November 2011

And now as you've been waiting for them, I present the results of the First Contact trivia contest!

  1. How many cards are in a sealed pack of First Contact?
  2. We had one person answer 11, and one person answer 15. Although there were expansions with each of those counts, First Contact had 9 cards per pack.

  3. How many [Def] drones does First Contact include?
  4. The correct answer is 6 - Eight of Nineteen, Four of Eleven, Nine of Seventeen, Six of Seventeen, Thirteen of Nineteen, and Three of Nineteen.
    We also had two people answer 7, and one person answer 15. I'm not sure where the 15 came from, but the 7 was likely found by doing a search for all personnel in the expansion with [Def]. Unfortunately the question specified "Drones", so you need to remove the Queen from that list.

  5. How many First Contact cards have a countdown icon?
  6. The correct answer is 6 - Temporal Vortex, Abandon Mission, Mirror Image, The Line Must Be Drawn Here!, Prepare Assault Teams, and Stop First Contact.
    We also had nine people answer 5, one person answer 4, and one person answer 7. Apparently a lot of people missed at least one card, but I'm not sure where the seventh card came from...

  7. How many First Contact ships have point boxes?
  8. Once more, the correct answer is 6 - Borg Cube, Borg Scout Vessel, Borg Sphere, Queens Borg Cube, Queens Borg Sphere, and Phoenix.
    We also had two 4s, and two 5s. I assume the 5s missed the Phoenix (and only counted Borg ships), and apparently the 4s missed one of those as well...

  9. How many First Contact personnel are valid targets for Assimilate Counterpart? The list should include every male from the expansion, so the correct answer is 14 - Admiral Hayes, Data, Geordi La Forge, Hawk, Jean-Luc Picard, Lightner, Paul Porter, Reginald Barclay, Thomas McClure, William T. Riker, Worf, Sevek, Solkar, and Zefram Cochrane.
    Other answers include three 13s, an 11, a 6 and a 3.

  10. Which one First Contact card has two [DL] icons?
  11. The correct answer was of course Jean-Luc Picard (with downloads of Sense the Borg and Make It So). Everybody got this one correct!

  12. What is the only [Borg-only] Objective in the set that has no subcommand icons in its probe list? Another easy one that everybody answered correctly, the correct answer was Eliminate Starship.

  13. Which one First Contact card has a negative point box?
  14. And another simple question, everybody was able to Assimilate This!

  15. During personnel battle, this one First Contact card can potentially eliminate more than 99 adversaries.
  16. This one actually threw us for a loop! We were expecting people to answer Tommygun (which almost everybody did), but we also received two submissions of Alas, Poor Queen. After consulting with the judges, we ruled this was also acceptable. Good job for finding something we didn't think of!

  17. This First Contact card received errata because it nullified a card that was ultimately printed with a different title.
  18. As most people correctly guessed, the answer is Remodulation (because it was originally written to nullify Adapt: Neutralize Weapon, the card that was eventually card Adapt: Modulate Shields. One person answered "The Line Must be Drawn Here" ... but that card hasn't received errata, so I'm not sure what the reference there was...

  19. Which two First Contact cards quote song lyrics in lore?
  20. Everybody was able to sing along with Magic Carpet Ride OCD and Ooby Dooby.

  21. The name of a 20th century Soviet spacecraft appears on which First Contact card? The answer that we were looking for was the U.S.S. Bozeman (which is "Soyuz" class). Other answers included: Disengage Safety Protocols, Inge Eiger, sputnik (?), Kathleen Tonell, and Pheonix. Four of those are cards in the expansion, and one is a Russian spacecraft, but none of them are both, as far as I know. Kathleen Tonell does mention the "cosmos", which is similar to the name of a class of Russian rocket (Kosmos)... which isn't quite what we were looking for, in this case.

  22. How many times does Data appear in First Contact card images?
  23. This was probably one of the toughest questions here... even our initial answer was wrong, as somebody found Data in A Change of Plans as well (that we'd initially missed). Answers on this ranged from 7 to 12, so at least nobody dreamed they saw Data on a card he didn't appear on... as the answer was indeed 12 - Lack of Preparation, A Change of Plans (the Borg queen is holding Data's hand, and his nose is bottom center), Scorched Hand (Data's hand, of course), Balancing Act, Dead End, Shot in the Back, Mission Debriefing, Android Headlock, Borg Kiss, He Will Make an Excellent Drone, Prepare Assault Teams, and Data.

  24. Who is the only Romulan personnel referenced by a First Contact card's game text?
  25. We had six people incorrectly answer "Espionage Mission" (the question was asking about the name of the Romulan, not the card that mentions her). And also two people that named LaForge Impersonator. We considered this one, but according to the rulebook "any Geordi" doesn't include impersonators, so he isn't technically named by Ocular Implants. Good try, though! The correct answer was Selok (so is named on Espionage Mission).

  26. How many different First Edition cards, aside from those in the First Contact expansion and the Resistance is Futile boutique set, have Star Trek: First Contact property logos? (Conversions count, other reprints do not).
  27. This one was the question that received the most different answers... we had answers ranging from 1 to 117. Fifteen people got it correct, while the most popular incorrect answers were 27 and 29 (with six votes each), 26 (with five votes) and 28 (with three votes). One person answered 31, however the Rotational Damage Marker (which I assume you used as your 31st card) does not count, because the question was specifically asking for the property logo, and that card does not contain one. The correct answer is infact 30 - From Dominion: Crisis, and Crew Reassignment; From Blaze of Glory: The Big Picture, Access Denied, Long Live The Queen, U.S.S. Thunderchild, Phaser Banks, Photon Torbedo, Primary Energy Weapon, Quantum Torpedo, Target Shields, and Target These Coordinates; From Rules of Acquisition: Emergency Evacuation; From Trouble with Tribbles: Make It So, Resistance is Futile, and Live Long and Prosper; From Holodeck Adventures: Lily and Nick the Nose; From The Motion Pictures: Hero Worship; From All Good Things: Environmental Suit; From Enhanced First Contact: We are the Borg, Add Distinctiveness, Nightmare, Population 9 Billion - All Borg, Service the Collective, Sphere Encounter, Eleven of Seventeen, and Six of Nineteen; From Chain of Command: U.S.S. Defiant; and From Shades of Gray: Six of Seven.

Thanks to everybody who participated! We had a total of 46 entries, including three entries that were 100% correct. All three winners were sent their prizes last week, and hopefully are already enjoying them. Happy release day!

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