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Resistance is Futile! Now Available!

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

22nd November 2011

Fifteen years ago today, First Contact, the eighth Star Trek film, hit theaters and we witnessed Picard, Data, and the crew of the Enterprise-E triumph over the temporal machinations of the Borg Queen and the Collective. Now, recreate those epic battles in First Edition with the official release of Resistance is Futile: The First Contact 15th Anniversary Collection!

Download the high resolution PDF from the expansion page and get to work printing and cutting ahead of this weekend's release tournaments!

Today's release is joined by official updates of the OTF Ban List and the Converted Card Document, both of which are available on the front page on the site.

No matter where your alliance falls - with the Federation or the Collective - enjoy the celebration of a great movie and the release of a fun, exciting, virtual expansion!

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