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by Kevin Jaeger, Staff Writer

10th December 2011

There isn't much to say about the game text of this ship: it plays for less if you have the right people in play. We've seen that before with Smiley O'Brien. You can also use it with a token Alpha to meet the requirements of the opponent's Gomtuu through the strength of your Jemmies.... or the Cunning requirements of a Tsiolkovsky Infection.

What is more interesting to me is the attack value of this ship, especially when paired with the Kaza'kime. These two ships together will provide a potent one-two punch. Granted, you will have to find a way to get your Weapons over their Shields, but with attack bonuses that shouldn't be too hard. Here's the scenario I envision: you've dropped three Alpha Jem'hadar, Lamat'ukan, the Kama'kize, and Borath (Subconscious Projection). Your opponent goes to space and attempts. You get the stop but the opponent thinks all is well since he got through with no damage on his ship, so the chance of you playing a ship and two damage events seems unlikely. On your turn, you play this ship at cost three, add two battle events, and the opponent's ship goes boom.

Time for some combos:

All seven possible Alpha Jem'hadar + this ship + Extreme Measures. Get a three counter advantage.

This ship + an Alpha Jemmie on board + Explicit Orders + a Vorta in hand. Jemmies have the attributes while the Vorta has the skills. Finally get Explicit Orders to work better for you in space.

This ship + Deyos. Meet requirements with either Strength or Cunning. This may not make sense at first until you are in this situation and you face Chula: The Dice, Chula: Unfortunate Roll, or Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? and you want to stop a Founder instead.

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